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Hi Sorry...but now I have to assume that you just look for someone to do your job. Not only program additionally schematic. And device selection...calculate device values.. Please show us what you have done so far. Klaus
Hello, I am looking for people to write about the soldering irons and soldering in general. About 500 word per article. Need many of them. The articles need to go through plagiarism check. If you are interested in this job or have any question, private message me within the site.
Ingenious! Every detail is plain. Good job! There have been times I wanted to make something the size and shape of a battery. Now I look around and I see I have plastic syringes from inkjet refill kits but it never occurred to me to turn them into battery shells.
Ever heard or tried doing reverse-engineering on printed circuit boards without schematic diagrams? You might want to go take a look at the following website for some useful information and tips:
Than best for you is to look for a relatively older process model library. Do an online search and you will get that. All the text books on analog circuit design should have that also
Take a look at job search engines.
Have a look at the code you are synthesizing. Do you understand what it does? Could you write something similar?
Unless you can enlist someone who programs in VB, you will need to learn how. Are you already familiar with what the Eclipse program does? How it handles input from the mouse and keyboard, and how it makes screen messages pop up, etc.? Then you will need to make those things happen using the VB command set. Doesn't look like an easy job. Such as
I have built transmission line zappers for lab use in ESD structures characterization. They do the job. All you are looking for is an excess of voltage (so as to get breakdown) and a constrained pulse width (which the electrical length gives you). I use a mercury-wetted relay between one end of the coax coil and the (...)
Hi every one am going for a training in physical design for six months... after that what i should plan look for a job or a little confused please can any one help me.... and is there any openings for internship...
What kind of job can I look for ?? I am new to this course.
1. look around at requirements in job postings for silicon validation engineers to see what skills are expected. 2. Python is incredibly easy to script. look around online for tutorials.
Hi, Its a good job some of us still do Assembler !:smile: A couple of sites for useful utilities is a sub routine to convert the 8 bits to ascii 2 digits. If you look at that site there is
Without experiance its difficult to get VLSI job off campus...Initally you may look for a small company which works in this domain....Clear your basic knowledge...I will suggest you to go for some 6 months VLSI professional cource. As college knowledge may not enogh to work in keep good knowledge in VHDL and Verilog code (...)
look up "metastability"...
Dear colleagues, I am Senior HW designer, and I am looking for part time job. If you need PCB layout service, preferable, or maybe complete HW module design, please contact me via Regards, Ivan M.
Power conversion and distribution is at the top of the list. Any better method to generate electricity cheaper, make it more portable, smaller, etc. Also including devices which use electric power. An interviewer will look for indications that you can make money for the company. He will try to get an idea whether you will be a good (...)
Hi, everyone! I am Jackie from Shenzen city of South China. I am so glad to learn so much from this forum . I am not sure if it's appropriate to do so, but i would like to take my chance to look for a job for international company who has importing business from China. I have been working in Lighting (...)
for 8 outputs you may take a look at the UDN2982( ) or for 16 I/O at the iC-JX ( ). Enjoy your design work Thank you for the information. But they are more expensive than the TD62783.
Hi, As you call yourself Engineer Khan, I assume you are an electronics student ? look in your local and national job adverts etc and find out what skill sets / programming languages the employers are looking for.