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Not knowing what technology (and probably not using it anyhow) I'd suggest first looking into the STI mask fab Booleans, which should be described somewhere in your PDK docs. Ask the foundry if you don't find this. It will tell you everything that goes into the STI mask and one of these may be a "block" layer. A question is, what ends up between
I've recently updated to Ansys Electronics Desktop 17 (with a campus solutions license), and I've been looking at integrating Simplorer with C++ components. I've installed Visual (C++) Studio 2010 Express as requested, and have been trying to follow the help docs to create a new C++ model. However, I'm stuck at the start, as I cannot find the
I'm not looking for a trace temperature rise per amp calculator. If I have a SMT component soldered to a copper fill on an outer layer, and I know the component will be dissipating 1 Watt, how do I calculate (or where can I find an online calculator) that determines temperature rise per sq inch of copper. Assume 1 oz copper. Also with and withou
Hi, Is this what you are looking for Also you can try HSpice models. Regards, Ajit Wadekar
Hello, I'm looking for one MOSFET transistor with Low resistance to drive one DC motor. I think that one of the best options is the mosfet 3034 from IRF (international rectifier), but now I have some doubts about the heat dissipation: IRLP3034PbF (TO-247AC): IRLB
Hi all: I am looking for an easy solution for a sensorless bldc motor application to replace a microcontroller + bemf measurement solution. I found TB6575 quite promising. the My application requires varying the speed when manually adjusting the applied voltage. The
I am looking for samples for LM4050A-4.1. These are what i found. What is the difference between them will it effect me much for the attached calibrator 97900 project? LM4050AIM3-4.1/NOPB LM4050BEM3-4.1/NOPB LM4050BIM3-4.1/NOPB LM4050CIM3-4.1/NOPB thanks
Hi All I am planning to make an online database for my university alumni, where info of all my batchmates will be kept. I am looking for some free online database and have found some already (like: Google docs), still thought to take the opinion of the experts here. Some requirements that I prefer to fulfill : *Anyone (infact any
hai everyone, Iam looking for an ic to discharge 600V DC from a capacitor fastly once the input is zero can anyone suggest me a good Capacitor Discharge ic regards,
You won't find un and up, what you will find is a u0 param in each of the nmos and pmos model decks. The BSIM docs are very complete regarding the meaning of the parameters and whatever you're looking for can be found there, probably. But BSIM is also an "empirical" model meaning many effects are fitted by special params which bear no relation
I am looking for any tutorial/list/datasheet for using configuration bits with C30 compiler for a dspic33 microcontroller. (most important is to find the no protected code ) Is anyone who can help me??
looking any good resources/links/books that I can refer to to learn about SAS relating routing best practices, rules, etc.?
You should use a level-shifting circuit instead of looking for a MOSFET that can withstand 50VGS. You should refer to this: Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I am looking for a drawing for a TO-220 27 Pin footprint. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one. thanks
gudevening everyone. can anyone give me a schematic diagram for burglar alarm using a pic16f84a pls..??i need this for my individual project..
Hi, I am looking for a isolating step down switcher, that is similar to LM 2576, but since the LM 2576 is non-isolating kind, this will not work for me. Could anyone suggest a suitable component that is like the LM 2576 dimension and performance wise.. thanks a
Hi , Im looking for interfacing this AC current measuring sensor LTS 25 with an microcontroller ? DO i just need to interface the OUTPUT pin to the Analog pin of the Micrcontroller?
Dear friends, hi.. if you have technical docs/text and schematic diagram or any materials that relates to any UPS brands..pls post it in here..i really need it.. thanks...
I guess, the original poster is looking for an OP current source like this: It can be made with a PNP transistor as well, but the base current creates an error term. A BJT darlington usually reduces this error below the achievable circuit accuracy limits.
Hey guys, Like the subject states. I've searched the Internet for a uC (preferably from Atmel) that can operate at 1.2V or lower. Does anyone know of such a product? I would prefer a small package outline, SOIC6 or similar. Performance is not important at all. Regards, mr_embedded