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I am also looking for someone who knows cavity resonator simulations in CST..
Hi all , I'm looking for the design formulas for a cavity filter . I want to build a cavity filter for 408MHz for radio astronomy purpose . The idea is to place an adjustable tube inside another tube and working with coupling loops to (...)
i don't have enough point, but no prob i will looking for in the manual, thank you
Hi, I am looking for an example with a microwave oven cavity simulation. It could be with HFSS or CST If you have further explanations on microwave ovens (RF and DC part), I will be grateful Thanks a lot
I'm looking for 6MHz RF channel filters for 515~695MHz band to improve transimiter far-out noise. It could be a tubular filter or on a daughter board. Any one know vendor good at this? What 's price ballpark? Thanks for your help.
hi all, i am looking for cavity-backed antenna (esp. spiral antenna) where I can follow the excitation and model. I dont know how to build the cavity model with hfss. Thanks.
Hi All I'm looking for HFSS waveguide filter examples eg combline, interdigital, cavity etc Does anyone have working HFSS projects they are willing to share?? All the best Ody :)
You are looking for a 1% bandwidth of central frequency. This is almost impossible to do using microstrip components. Microstrip filters generally have 10% up to 25% bandwidth of central frequency. The only way to realize this filter is to use cavity topology. This can be tunable, but having big dimensions.
Did you try this kind of simulation in HFSS? I mean what kind of output/results you are looking for? Did you check CST help for these questions?
Hi! Well, tight binding theroy comes from theoretical material science and means basically how you treat the electrons in the material you are looking into. I don't know what the means especially for photonoc waveguides but there are certainly books to this topic. I think it is even treated well in standard literature like Jacksons's Calssical E
Hi I need the following anteena related book plz upload it if someone have it "Microwave cavity Anteena" By Archtech House Publishers
In general for most of applications u-strip filters are suitable for L and C bands. If you are looking for ?brick? rejections, 90dB or more, you need to use cavity filters.
Hi, I'm looking for a good text or tutorial on the methods that can be used to excite any given mode in a wave guide or resonator cavity. I'm specifically interested using a coaxial probes to launch the waves. Any recommendation are welcome. Best Regards, Simon
Hello Does anybody have experinece with triplets in bandpass cavity filter. Im looking for practical knowleges and papers for desing, how to calculate coupling coefficients, and how simulate in CST or HFFS. many thanks V.
Hi Dear I need to a software for designing laser cavity do you can help us sincerely yours
What type of filters are you looking at? Could you give a little more information about the size and shape of the cavities you would like to simulate?
Hi, I've studied it from the books: Microwave Engineering - Pozar Fundations for Microwave Engineering - Collin You can find more information looking for "Heating cavitys". Good luck.
Dear All, I'm looking for the latest version of the HFSS , which is V. 10 , because the one that I'm using right now (V.9) is unable to solve the problem that I'm trying to simulate ( an 8-slot magnetron cavity microwave power amplifier) and the company declared that clearly in the V.10 Manual at page 139. so please if any body (...)
Dear myem, 1. search IEEE xplore for dielectric measurements - you get lots of different techniques including correction methods 2. If you are looking for a book, Microwave electronics (John Wiley) will tell you all about it. 3. Hope this is useful. Regards, Elem
hi, i am looking for theoritical design guide for small resonant slot arrays(slot array of say 2 slots on a waveguide cavity).if anybody has any kind of info or papers or articles regarding this kindly will be a great help. with kind regards abhi