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I design a 10ghz frequency synthesizers with the skyworksinc spd spd1101-111,when i design the loop filter, i find i can't know the phase gain. anybody can help me ,thanks a lot.
wn=sqrt(ip*kvco)/(2*pi*N*C1).Fit in the other parameters like divider ratio, gain of the VCO and the loop filter capacitor. Overall the pump current is chosen based on noise requiremtns ,BW,lock time etc.You can refer to the book PLL frequency synthesizers by styewart to look at how a spec for a commercial PLL is specified. amarnath
in the pll structure the phase noise from the VCO is greatly surpressed by the loop filter. The output frequency purity is greatly enhanced. Think of any open loop system and device parameter variation will cause big jitters in your frquency output.