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You can use a simple spice simulator and look at the open-loop gain/phase response to get an idea of value of C3 needed. For the last schematic in your post, you can see that C3 needs to be above 4 pF to satisfy the criteria (gain of 8-12 dB to phase zero) for oscillations. If you make C3 too large, then you may get (...)
Run a LF transient analysis in the mid of your (already known) ICMR, generating a suitable peak-to-peak output voltage (say 2/3 of your supply voltage, depending on your output stage). Then sweep this transient analysis far over the full (already known) ICMR Plot the amp gain Al (open or closed loop - depends on your i
Hi, I have been trying to simulate a circuit in LT spice to find out the open loop gain. To my surprise, when I plot Vint, I get a negative value of the gain (in db). I am using a small signal ac source of 1V. I am attaching the schematic herewith. Can anyone tell me why the gain is negative. Is it a (...)
Hi....vc1=vc2 doesnt mean that ouput will be zero here. The amp is in a closed loop and if the closed loop gain is high enough, the amp output will be regulated in such a way that vc1 follows vc2 (the offset between vc1 and vc2 will depend on the finite closed loop gain and the random mismatches inside the (...)
Open loop gain, phase margin, slew rate, noise...
How to simulate loop gain and phase lag of close loop system like DC-DC converter with external component. It's useful to evaluate the system is stable or not.
for ring oscillator(for example, 3 stages), someone says some conditons must be needed to make the ring oscillator work:loop gain larger than 1,and loop phase is multiples of 2PI, but how to simulate it?what kind of stimilus is needed?pls help me
Hi friends, How could I simulation the closed-loop gain of boost converter? Any document or reference? Your help is highly appreciated. ^.^ Will
loop gain sim
Do you need to physically measure the open loop gain in the lab, or you need to simulate the open loop gain? Obviously, simulating is easier in spice. In any case, though, you need to keep the bias conditions of the opamp intact in order for your measurement to make sense. There are techniques allowing you (...)
Here is a good article: