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If its the case, how the loop calibrators will work?
I have actuator with a board that is powered by 240 V and controlled by 4 to 20mA. Case 1, Using analog signal loop 4-20mA from Fluke handsheld 6 Volt Case 2, Using PLC 4-20mA 24 Volt Case 3, Another potentialmeter source 4-20mA 24 Volt Case 2, shows the actuator is having drifting forward and backward while the analog signal measure
A better designed loop powered circuit would measure the total loop current, e.g. by a shunt resistor in the negative line.
You can either use a 4-20 mA IC or make your own circuit comprised of a reference, OPs and an output transistor. Do you want to make a loop powered transmitter? - - - Updated - - - P.S.: Yes, as said in the thread title.
Hello, We are doing a 100W led lamp, it is powered by a 100w offline smps. If the led load goes open, we have an opto which crosses the isolation barrier and shuts down the pwm controller on the primary side. ..but is this we also need to have a auxiliary coil in the isolation transformer which gets used for overvoltage protection
hi, Using a load resistor of 250 Ohms in the current loop, will give an output voltage of 1V thru 5V for 4 thru 20mA, thru the resistor. Connect the high side of the 250R via a 10K , into each +Inp of the LM339. Then construct a resistive divider network from a +5V supply to 0V, choose the resistors in the divider to give the 4 threshold volt
Hi, I'm designing a loop powered level transmitter which provides 0% for 4mA and 100% for 20mA. I have some idea about how to use the XTR116. But how to measure the capacitance and fed to micro-controller. Please help.
I'm have a problem understanding your questions. 1. I don't know what you mean by "Phantom powered loop". 2. Hotplug what system to what power supply? What is the existing electronics board you are trying to interface to? If you could show a diagram with all your components and connections it would help.
Hi, I was pondering the workings of 4-20mA loops for both inputs (transmitters to a PLC), and outputs (PLC driving an I/P or even a Trip Amplifier). A loop powered instrument say has a PLC driving a 24V supply to the instrument. Lets say there is 1V drop on the cabling, and the instrument needs a minimum of 12V to run. It then (...)
Hello! I have looked at the link you provide. Yes, apparently you can use any kind of MCU. As for the speed, it can be quite fast if you refresh only the part you need to. 1 2-byte word will be 1 pixel, so for example painting the background with a uniform color would be fast. Example: clock = 20 MHz. 1 loop = 10 clocks. Painting 480 x 272 pixels
A typical 4-20 mA current loop configuration uses a positive supply of 15 - 30 V and a ground referenced shunt. Self powered 4-20 mA outputs are often ground referenced. But its's not the preferred way to pass the full loop current through the input amplifier. Many PLCs are simply using a 250 or 500 ohm shunt as passive I-V converter and (...)
Do you intend to operate the XTR115 in the explosion-prone zone, powered by an intrinsic safe current loop? In this case, you mainly have to avoid energy storage devices (larger capacitors and inductors) in your design, also the circuit must keep safe temperatures (according to the intended temperature class) when loaded with the power availabl
Hello All, I am working on a circuit design for isolated 4-20mA transmitter. I found an example circuit and try to simulate it in spice. Receiver functions very well, transmitter has some problems. The current flowing thorugh loop is always around 3.4mA. I couldnt find out why: Can somebody help me? Between +Iloop and -Iloop there is (...)
I need schematic for design of loop powered 4-20mA transmitter(output section ) I need solutions with opamp,REF,Reg,Transistor(discrete )
in making 4-20mA loop powered ransmitters,how we can design the isolated data/power circuit?we have 4mA current at maximum! how we can make isolated dc/dc converter?
Suppose i have a current loop of 1mA with supply voltage ranging from 1.8 to 5.5V i have a remote controller which is loop powered. Now if the loop current is now 100 microamps at 1.8V is there a controller which could operate at such low power
could be current loop that is the easiest way to get powered and send information back. Find a scope and see what is going on wire. If codes are not cyphered (that one i dont believe they will do with stupid keypad) you'll get it all for a couple of minutes.
Hi Please explain how to design a loop powered isolated 4-20mA transmitter? How to build the isolated dc/dc conveter with max 4mA? Best Regards
hi, all, now i am designing the over-current-protection function in LDO. i am confused about the stability of OCP loop, but not the main loop in LDO. why do we need to stable the OCP loop? and i am also puzzled with the function of OCP. is that only to prevent the great current in pass device when Vin is powered on? (...)
You probably wouldnot get a full 24v, but I have seen circuits getting about 8 volts from this line. It also depends how much the loop of 4-20ma is powered up with.