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I am looking at building a Pre-amp that has a high impedance due to having a high impedance load (Like that of most Piezoelectric Elements). My biggest issue with this is that it needs to feed an ADC that is unipolar but can be either single ended or differential. The circuit also requires bandwidth from 10Hz to about 5-10 MHz. I'm working with
For best sensitivity , low offset and best common mode noise rejection use an Instrumentation amp IC ( 3 opamps) and use the series RC to define your HPF cutoff (fc=1/(2pi RC) instead of R7 You can get these in 1
Generally use twisted pair differential input to read from noisy circuits to avoid ground noise issues and provide some shunting of stray common mode noise with differential amp with good CMMR at interference rise times. (high G-BW product) signals with high impedance are prone to ingress more than (...)
Dear Bartona Hi You can use AD620 or some other of products of Analog device company. In first stage of those amplifiers is a differential amp with low noise Fets or mosfets with Zi approximation = very high(open circuit) . yes cascode has a good frequency response but it is large and hardly ever used in (...)
Hello, I want to use differential amplifier for voltage sensing for my embedded controller. Any suggestion for reccomended high CMRR opamp or high CMRR dif. amp IC? I want to reduce the noise as low as possible. Thanks.
Hello all, I need help in designing a very low noise Op-amp (Single ended input and differential output) with 10MHz BW....what is the best architecture i can use?? regards
Hi, I have folded cascode amplifier but it not gives good PSR. With AC source on Vdd, look at differential output (in monte carlo) and PSR rises to -20dB at 10MHz, then drops. At low freq I understand - noise rejected by opamp gain. At high freq, PSR improves because AC supply noise (...)
Hello, for my Diploma Thesis i have to design a low noise NF amplifier in CMOS Technology. I chose a folded cascode OTA with autozeroing and fully differential design. I read the paper "circuit techniques for reducing the effects of op-amp imperfections.." from Enz and Temes. I wonder about a few (...)
Hi guys, I have a question here. I'm designing a differential input amplifier with a integrated CMFB circuit. I'm operating the amplifier in 1GHz frequency. My question is should I consider about the low frequency noise (1/f flicker) noise in my design, I'm asking this because the (...)
Hello, I have attached the differntial output of my LNA, i used an AC analysis with sweep range start 1G stop 3G, e sweep type logarithmic with 10 points per decade. In imput there is a PORT with AC magnitude equal to 1. This LNA has to work at 1.8GHz, is this output correct???
these two papers are good for chopper stabilization A low-noise Chopper-Stabilized differential Switched-Capacitor Filtering Technique - Kuo-chiang Hsieh Circuit Techniques for Reducing the Effects of Op-amp Imperfections Autozeroing, Correlated Double Sampling, and Chopper Stabilization - Christian C. Enz
Schematic and PCB mask for EG&G model 5186 (low-noise differential preamplifier) is needed. Any other service manuals/instructions are kindly requested. Thanks in advance