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There are commands in upf to place switching fabric for power gating. Is it that this UPF can only be included during RTL synthesis and the netlist generated will have the switching fabric which cuts or supply the power whenever necessary? Is there any way to include low power things like switching (...)
We need to achieve all of these together. Only power might be a issue in low power. Apart from that all the others r required. You need to signoff with the all the above checks.
Hi, I am comparing Plain synthesis Netlist vs low power synthesis Netlist( i have only used clock gating low power technique). I am using Cadence Tools. i find that there are unmapped points in low power netlist ( Red coloured "U") which is of clock (...)
HVT -> High Delay and Less Leakage LVT -> Less Delay and High Leakage The approach is, use only HVT from synthesis to Route. Allow LVT cells only after Post-Route Optimization, this will have less overall leakage. Again, it depends on the design & varies from design to design.
the question is way to high level to have a precise answer - first which power leakage or dynamic some optimizations / tricks mentioned below - Clock Gating - Annotating activity during synthesis - MultiVt synthesis - use CPF / UPF to achieve more savings depending on design architecture and application for eg (...)
Greetings colleagues, I am currently working on the Synopsys low power Flow Workshop (Lab 3 synthesis). The library files used in this design are : 1) saed90nm_hvt_rdsr.db 2) saed90nm_lvt_rdsr.db 3) saed90nm_max_hth_hvt_rdsr.db 4) saed90nm_max_hth_lvt_rdsr.db I have specified the operating condition for the design (...)
Dear Friends, I have 5+ yrs of experience in synthesis, Physical synthesis, low power, DFT, Placement , Pre-CTS Optimization, Formal verification, Flow / Methodology setup, ECO, Timing Closure / analysis, QoR and TCL Coding. I am looking for a change now - either in design companies or EDA product (...)
If your library has power switches and isolation cells , you can follow "low power synthesis Flow" of Synopsys Design Compiler to power gate each section of your design. You must refer to "Synopsys? low-power Flow User Guide (...)
Hi, everybody. I am doing a low power design now, when doing synthesis using Design Compiler . There are many waring: The global net driven by pin *** is ineligible for level shifter insertion because some pins have directions other than in/out.(MV-613). Why this? Thanks for answering
you can reference low power constraint CPF(cadence) or UPF(synopsys) documentation.
Hi, I am working on linear array analysis and try to use the Chebyshev polynomials to achieve a low side-lobe pattern of the array. I have calculated the excitation coefficients of each element. When it comes to implementation using unequal power splitters, the equations require the "power ratio" in order to calculate the corresponding (...)
What is the main function of spyglass? Spyglass can be used to check the CDC(clock domain crossing), DFT rules and estimate the coverage, low power analysis and many more @ RTL level. This is very much useful to check all above things very early in the design cycle.
usually you can first synthesis with only the low Vt cells, then optimize it, it will replace some of the non-critical cells with high Vt cells so that it can reduce the leakage power, and meet the timing requirement at the same time.
HVT has low leakage and low speed LVT has high leakage and high speed. SVT is standard which sits somewhere between HVT and LVT. As a thumb rule, start with HVT cells and when you fail timing, you can substitute HVT cells on a critical path with that LVT cells/SVT cells. This way you will save power. I'm assuming power (...)
how to synthesis multi-vdd moudle for low power design! thanks Added after 11 minutes: and who can tell me what i should do in the synthesis setp for low power design? thanks
You may want to have a look at my web site: You may be able to find here some techniques used But which and what to select may depend upon what you are designing. Some of them are however general and may be applicable in majority of cases. Kr, Aviral Mittal
RTL Compiler's advantages: 1) timing optimization --> from a) global synthesis, b) boundary optimization 2) area --> from boundary optimization 3) power --> from its low power synthesis infrastructure 4) capacity 5) runtime (...)
I didnt understand whats your problem. As you said Multi-Vt synthesis is used for reducing leakage power. The timing critical paths in the design will be using low-Vt cells for high speed. And Non Critical paths use High Vt cells. High Vt cells has less leakage power , but Propagation delay is more compared to (...)
hello, many EDA tools support low power design anyone can tell me what kind of low power techniques supportted by the EDA vendor (cadence, synopsys, MAGMA...)? i know the synthesis tools have switch active reduction, clock gating, operand isolation & multi-Vth optimization, and any else? the APR tools (...)
What is the procedure to insert level shifters in Multiple voltage designs? And people who have worked in low power optimisation, can you give me which technique you have seen as best when it comes to power reduction at 90nm and below.