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Hi, I installed the keil 4 IDE. C51 compiler is for 8051. so i installed C251 compiler for lpc 2000 series. while selecting the device i didn't find the NXP(founded by Philips) option. please can any body tell me how to solve this problem. and also i uninstall the c251 compiler and installed the ARM-MDK500. in that (...)
Hi all Could anyone pls help me the code for RTC using lpc2148 and to display in 7 segment LED. i need to display sec and minutes in the 4 seven-segment display. I need this code in Embedded C and i m using Keil C compiler.
If you are a newbe then my advice is to read the datasheet of lpc2148 and learn how to configure the port pins. Then you will understand how to write the program. There are lot of sample programs in keil itself. Go to folder where keil is installed and find examples for lpc2000 series or 2100 series. see and understand the program technique and ho
Hi I am using MCB2130 of Kiel. My program use FIQ and RIQ on EXTINT1 & EXINT2 When simulating on Keil every thing is OK but in Real worled it seams that the interrupts are not working Dose the 5v tolerant of the IO's means that the EXTINT can be 0-5V or it had to be 0-3.3V? Salam Hossam Alzomor
Hi all! I'm looking for a C compiler for lpc 2006B, and jtag or bootloader schematics, or any schematic to program for it. If anyone know, pls tell me. Best regard!