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Hello, I wrote a program for recognition a few isolated words. It works, but with little effectiveness. The algorithm based on single FFT spectrum features of whole word and k-Nearest Neighbors classifier. Now I want to build a program based on Linear Prediction Coefficient. At this moment I split word signal on frames. My problem is that the num
i have a sample code for neural networks with back propagation in MATLAB for speech recognition with lpc feature extaraction technique. i hope u help me to use it with mfcc feature extraction technique. my email is
What do you want exactly? What parameters are you using for recodnition, lpc, lpcC, MFCC...etc
HI. I'm now working on a voice recognition project using lpc as feature extraction and HMM as pattern matching. This project is based on text dependent voice verification. I already done with lpc but I have problem with Hidden marcov Models(HMM) method. Anyone can provide me the hidden marcov models MATLAB source code for voice (...)
i hav few questions and problems need help i'm currently doin the chinese speech recognition using lpc ans ANN.. the way i doin nw is lik below recognition process 1-record sound fr a user 2-perform feature extraction -sound normalization -noise reduction -VAD, voice activity (...)
for speech recognition you have to create a data base for various speech some 5 to 10 words will be sufficient,and then any of the method lpc or Zero cross can be aplied and trained to neural network forrecognition
hi all i want to build a speech recognition system using matlab did any body tried it before? can it really work?