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Dear Prakash, First you go through a sample code for GPIO programming of ARM7, once you finish this then you go through the UART section of lpc21xx User manual and carefully read all the UART related registers and for programming I will help you out. If any doubt you can ask for help.
Hi, clearly, the lpc21xx is not supported much on the net. There are very few books about it. I would like some exercises involving GPIO, Interrupts, Timers, ADC, UART etc. to give my students in order to start practicing on their board. Currently I am using the LPC2119 from futurlec. Regards, jonny
The lpc21xx can controllers are software compatible with industry standard controllers, there should be plenty of software examples. I would also look for example code from NXP. Personally I'm not using CAN with NXP controllers. I recently implemented CAN for PIC32 within half an hour by putting together the plib library examples.
hi friends, i tried to compile the sample code posted here with simple modification.i got the output in 8 bit instead of 10 bit adc result. in proteus lpc2124 is used.. kindly help me with this. #include "lpc21xx.h" #define Fosc 12000000 #define Fcclk (Fosc*5) #define Fcco (Fcclk*4) #define Fpclk (Fcclk/4) #define UART_BPS 9600 //SET
Hi, can anybody tell what is the C- code for converting ARM to THUMB mode in lpc21xx
Hi, I have interfaced AT25F1024 SPI-EEPROM with LPC2129. The code is to write a single byte of character in to the AT25F1024 & again read the same byte & display on the lcd. I know how to display on the lcd. but i don't know how to write & read a byte from AT251014. I also followed the instructions present in the datasheet of AT25F1024. but th
#include <lpc21xx.h> //#include //#include /*#ifndef KEYPAD_H_ #define KEYPAD_H_ #define KEY_PAD_PORT 0x000003FC void keypad_init(void); unsigned char detect_key(void); unsigned int getch_keypad_to_LCD(void); #endif /*KEYPAD_H_*/ */ const unsigned char key_pad_key={'1','2','3','F',
Hi, I'm trying to get the SPI on my LPC2106 to work but it doesn't. #include /* lpc21xx definitions */ void delay (void) { /* wait function */ int d; for (d = 0; d < 1000000; d++); /* only to delay for LED flashes */ } int main (void) { unsigned c
All variants of the NXP lpc21xx series of ARM microcontroller share the same baseline features as they are all based on the ARM7TDMI-S core, the major differences between these variants is an increase in Flash, RAM, GPIO and the addition of various peripheral hardware modules such as CAN, USB, ADC, Ethernet, etc. For example, the only difference
Hello everyone, I need a code for LPC2138 to run UART with interrupt. I have pasted my code below. I am switching on an LED inside the interrupt if '1' is received. But the led constantly stays on and that too its dim with a voltage of 3.3V across it. Please help!! #include<lpc21xx.h> __irq void UART0_ISR(void); int main() { PI
I want to buy a lpc21xx development board for learning so can any one suggest me websites for it. Also want programming cable and software. If you would like to Change from LPC to STM This is the cheapest development board for ARM and very nice plug and play board
Hi, I have a problem with timers in keil debugging. i.e., i wrote the programm for 1 second and peripheral clock is 12 mhz. the timer runs only for 1second and immediately it stops. and the programm is #include<lpc21xx.h> void main() { T0TC=0X0; T0TCR=1<<1; T0PR=11999999; T0TCR=(1
Hi, I am a beginner level developer and until now I have been working on PIC18 & PIC16 using MikroC compiler. But now I am working on a project with LPC2138, an ARM7 based MCU from NXP, using Keil uVision. The project includes GSM module interfacing, EEPROM, SD card, different digital (with I2C and SPI interface) and analog sensors etc. This may
I have wrote many c codes for lpc2148 like adc,i2c,spi... but now i want to write codes in assembly language but i am not getting the start. cam anybody give few examples of assembly coding of lpc2148 The lpc21xx family of ARMs actually support two very different instruction sets and conversely two differen
Dear friends, I am planning to start learning ARM 7 (lpc21xx) microcontroller and need a complete reference manual with explanation of all the register. especially CAN registers. and also with example programs. thank you..
hai everybody, i am using lpc 2103 controller i wrote a simple code for lpc 2103 but the io pin is not working , i am attaching my code here include //#include "lpc21xx.h" #define LEDCON 0x00002000 /* P0.17*/ //sbit IN=P0^3; //sbit OUT=P0^17; /****************************************************
here is the code............... #include<lpc21xx.h> int main() { //VPBDIV=0x00000001; PINSEL0=0x00000080; T0TCR=0x01; T0PR=0x3e7; T0MR0=0x00002ee0; T0MCR=0x00000002; T0EMR=0x00000031; //T0TCR=0x00; } keep on monitoring the port 0.3
Hi friends, I am using 1k pot and led with lpc2129.if pot will varry led will be on and off.but output was not came.anybody can help i atached my code .i am using p0.27 as pot (i.e internal adc) #include <lpc21xx.h> unsigned val = 0; int main(void) { PINSEL1=0X004000000; VPBDIV = 0x02; //Set the Pclk to 30 Mhz
Hello, I am learning ARM processor using Keil uVision4 and simulating in proteus a LPC2138. I tried to make interrupt with timer0, the only result is the match pin toggling, but never enters inside the ISR. Please, can any body tell me what is wrong or mising? #include <lpc21xx.h> //global variables unsigned long cont = 0; v
There are typically two methods available to program the flash of an lpc21xx series ARM. The first method is In-System Programming (ISP) which Alex has provided a tutorial. Essentially the ISP method utilizes the ROM resident bootloader in conjunction with an app such as Flash Magic or [URL="tec