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could someone help me with the code for interfacing gsm module with lpc2378.
Hi all i have written a simple code for IRQ interrupt which should display one led pattern before interrupt and other after interrupt has occurred. the interrupt is an external interrupt EINT0. i dont have any errors in code i even made changes in the startup file but even then i am not able to see the output on the board after loading it......
how to set vref in lpc2378? can anybody please help me
I am in a need of a code that display the character in the hyper terminal using serial communication through lpc2378 processor when the key pressing in the keyboard . Pls any one help me for this task or give some idea for doing this
hi all, i am using ARM lpc2378 development board .i want to display the characters in glcd . i m using IAR embedded workbench for the compile the coding. i wrote the program for displaying the characters in the glcd and i can display the same character in hyper terminal separately , but i want to display the character both in the glcd and also i
can plz tel me how to display ADC output on LCD i'm using lpc2378 this my code /******************************************************************************/ /* BLINKY.C: LED Flasher */ /******************************************************************************/ /* This file is part
I am using IAR lpc2378 development board. i want to communicate two lpc2378 development board via TCP IP protocol. i am using uIP embedded TCP IP stack for PC to LPC22378 communication and its working well. now i want to communicate with two lpc2378 development boards. is it possible to communicate via TCP IP . if possible means how can i (...)
hi, I am working with MCB2300 , which has lpc2378(ARM7 ,32bit) . I had written a code in which after performing a task the MCU goes into sleep mode. I have not given any interrupt sub routines. and no interrupts are enabled. I am not able to program the MCU throug JTAG. Kiel error is as follows "No JTAG Device Found". I feel that the MCU is
GPIO, UART and interrupt example for the NXP lpc2378, NXP LPC2368 and other NXP LPC23xx/24xx devices This code example demonstrates using the GNU-toolchain with the NXP LPC23xx/24xx family. It shows how to configure and use GPIO (i.e. LED blink, Button rea
I am using BTM411 bluetooth module and have connected it to the PC and am able to perform file transfer by sending AT commands through the hyper terminal window. Now I want to do the same through lpc2378 ARM microcontroller board (MCB 2300- Keil Software) instead of PC i.e. I want to send AT commands through microcontroller then establish a Bluetoo
Hi friends, I want to interface lpc2378(ARM7TDMI-S) micro controller with PC using USB port. where lpc2378 is a device controller and PC will act as Host controller. i want to transmit a data from lpc2378 to PC through USB port. I need a driver file for lpc2378.Can you please give me an idea or where can i get (...)
Hi friends, I am using 12 Mhz Quartz crystal with 33pf capacitor for lpc2378..I am checking the frequency in the two pin of Quartz crystal but i am not able to get the frequency at the pin... The same Quartz crystal with 33pf capacitor i am using with 8051 at that time i am getting the frequency... The difference in 8051 and lpc2378 is operating
Hello, I'm new to programming the lpc2378 Bluescreen. I have been able to load sample programs provided by using Keil ?Vision 4 and a JTAG debugger. I am using this board for a senior project and am kind of stuck: What I want to do is have a text file on my SD card, and have the microcontroller look for a value in the text f
Hi friends, Can anybody tell me how to calculate the baudrate in lpc2378??? I am new for 32-bit controller. I am using lpc2378 board with the external clock of 12Mhz.. I want to know how to calculate the baudrate value????i need a baudrate of 9600 or 115200.... i read the user manual but i am not able understand easily..i con
Hai need a coding for to send sms. i am using lpc2378 microcontroller. please help me... thanks in advance
both are equally good in their own ways... yes some features and look and feel is different for both......... For a starter lpc2378 is better as they have good support with respect to hardware and software.. its easy to learn it. you get free evaluation version to develop your projects.. and are good in the future to come...
Hai all i am using IAR embedded workbench cross compiler... I need a coding for TCP-IP protocol stack.... please help me breifly about its logic also.. thanks in advance
I am working on MCB 2300 kit which has got lpc2378 processor. It has got an SD card as well. I can read, write to some text files on the card. But now I want to read some images from SD Card. When i tried to read the images, it gives back some garbage value and then the program gets hang up. I want to read the pixel information of the image. Pleas
Hi, I am working on MCB2300 (lpc2378) and I am using Keil uVision4. In my code I need to give some inputs to the code using serial window. When I open serial window (UART #1-3), I am not able to type any characters on the screen. When I have typed SIN = 'A' on the debugger's command window i get an error message saying *** error 34
my question about we use external oscillator of about 12MHz frequency and will give input to PLL we get 60-72 MHz in lpc2378. what happened when we use external oscillator as 60 mhz instead of using PLL. help me... thanks in advance...