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Hi. I want start to design this broadband antenna. What parameters must to realization of lpda like transmitter and receiver? Thanks
Dear all, I am designing a Coplanar Waveguide feed for my printed lpda antenna. I need some help about design parameter and calculation that need to be followed for CPW design on patch antenna. The feedline width of the lpda is 1mm. can CPW be implemented on this feed (...)
hi, i have problems with designing UWB LDPA IN HFSS,can u help me in designing antenna by cascading the lpda with 29-element and the meander line dipole array with 11-element,ultra-wideband of 20-2200 MHz. best regards. eng.ahmad jaradat - - - Updated - - - 95687 this is t
Or suggest lpda would do the required function,We need antenna Gain to be atleast 7-8 db and High directivity.
does anyone can explain how to make a lpda antenna in MMANA? or does anyone have a file lpda in MMANA software for my reference... please share it..
hi if u didn't find u can do it for the first time u can design a microstrip dipole and change it to koch model then u can compare them but every lpda models are two side antenna
does printed lpda have the same formula with wire lpda? i have already read the ARRL book about lpda, but it tells about wire lpda. What about printed/planar lpda? Need your help master..
hope this helps. from the ARRL handbook. lpda antenna design
can anyone tell what type of balune we can design for the lpda antenna operating in the range of 400MHZ-1000MHZ .
hello everybody! i would like to design a printed log periodic antenna and i would like to know if you have paper about the calculation. if the method is the same like a wire log periodic antenna. thanks
lpda is a very performant antenna. An octave band lpda may be designed (or found on the market) with very high performances. A decade band lpda may be found on the high-end, instruments grade, market at higher cost. If you are a novice, don't try to design a decade band (...)
I need information about the pattern radiaton equation of the log periodic dipole array antenna (lpda), because Im developing a software about the lpda antenna. If you have any information above, please, write me.
Read this book AND Use EZNEC, MMANA or SuperNEC (working with Matlab) to simulate it

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