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Hi, I have designed a temp controller. The temp from the sensor is measured and amplified. I have an relay in my circuit. The relay is connected with the Analog port, but in different pin. Whenever the relay gets turned on the ADC value gets increased. The voltage reference is same at all instance. The chip i have used : Atmega3208.
Hi, I am trying to design a structure where I need to add some non-symmetric s parameters. However, hfss is automatically converting it into symmetric. What should I do in this case. In the structure, I have created circuit port and add snp file which is not symmetric. but hfss is automatically converting this into symmetric. In this (...)
Hello, Is it possible to do circuit hfss cosimulation when I am planning to use floquet port for unit cell of metamaterial structure part simulation. Thanks
I am trying to loosely couple a coaxial resonator using two copper ribbons. My line is shorted on one end as shown here: . The lines loops are fed through a BNC to and shunted to ground near the center con
I have a Xubuntu guest on a Windows 10 host and I need to establish a serial communication between my notebook and the microcontrolled external system via serial connection. The notebook side is an USB port and the system side is a true serial DB-9 connector. The whole system works in the following way: i) I download a bitstream file from the
Hi, I am working with a project having around 70 DDR LVDS 910 Mbps connections to FPGA. I am wondering if ZYNQ 7Z030 have enough LVDS IOs with at least 910 Mbps ? Another question, as there are two Ethernet Controllers in ZYNQ 7Z030, does this means that no Ethernet controller chip is required on the PCB and only Ethernet PHY port is needed
Hi, For the error "incorrect ports" in Calibre LVS hierarchical run, why do some ports appear at the top level and others at the IP level ? What is the basis for them to appear at two levels like this ? Thanks, Aditya
Hello, I am trying to design a split ring resonator and extract the material properties. But before doing that I thought it's a good check what my simulation gives me for known material. I selected Teflon as my material and design floquet port in order to extract the material properties like permitivity over the frequency range. However, I am n
how to assign bit values at once to different port pins of different I/O port through a register which I define as comprised of those port pins of I/O ports? I want to define a variable(name=my_reg) of uint8_t type which i plan to use it as a register of 8 bits. Each bit of this register should send its value to (...)
#include #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 #include "lcd.h" // CONFIG1H #pragma config OSC = HS // Oscillator Selection bits (HS oscillator) #pragma config FCMEN = OFF // Fail-Safe Clock Monitor Enable bit (Fail-Safe Clock Monitor disabled) #pragma config IESO = OFF // Internal/External Oscillator Switchove
Welcome hyhaerong, The error is correct; you can't assign wave ports inside of a simulation domain, unless you back them with a PEC. Are you sure you want to use a wave port and not a lumped port?
How can I device figure out if it's been connected to a standard USB 2.0 port that can deliver 500mA, or a proper USB charger that can deliver 1A or perhaps 2A?
hello, i'm simulating one frequency tripler in ads using simplecoupler to calculate S11 and S22. As shown in the figure, port 1 injects a large signal of RFfreq, RFPwr and port 2 injects no signal. i use S11=HB.RF_refl/HB.RF_in to get the right S11, but S22=HB.RF_out/HB.RF_outref gives the wrong S22. I consider port 2 injects no signal
Dear Alturist, I have simulated and exported (S2P file) a microstrip reflector unit cell from Ansys hfss. Now, I want to import this S2P file in Cadence virtuoso. Can anyone explain which steps should I need to follow to do this. From my knowledge, I know that analogLib contains two port components like (...)
How are the values of the isolation resistors in a 12 W Wilkinson power combiner determined? I know that for the 2 Way the value of 2Zo comes from matching the common port to the output ports. But my 12 Way design which uses 4 sections will use different resistors at different steps in the cascade as it is a stepped Wilkinson design. Evelyn
is it necessary to bootload atmga8 for making diy usbasp programmer mentioned on the usbasp programmer link or a blank ic may be used here? also for making serial port pic programmer can i use pic16f72. i don't know whether the pic16f72 may be blank or have some program in it to work as programmer?
Hi, The inductance of the spiral coil obtained is 96.0429nH. The capacitance & Resistor i have defined using lumped port is -6.1 ohm and 50 ohm. . But resonance is not acheived. The graph of S11 is attached here.
Hi, I am searching for an IC for USB C power delivery. Is there any USB PD controller chip with microcontroller inside with I?C or SPI ports? Another question. Is there any USB PD controller with power measurements? For example V, I and/or power measurement and available on I?C or SPI ports? Thanks.
greetings ... tell you that I am very new to systemverilog and I have some files to perform a simulation test for a project. This test has a main file which creates an instance of another called, in this second file a vector is created for the differential clock that will be used in different modules, as follows.
port refinement, process hf3d error: Waveport s is internal to solution domain comes up when I try to analyze this design. Any suggested adjustments be made? 156907