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Hi I am currently using hfss simulating a grounded cpw T-line on silicon substrate. I tried with both Wave port and lumped port. But I got very different results. I read that a lot saying that it needs to meet the minimum sizing for wave port depending on the width and spacing of the (...)
Hi I am trying to simulate cpw in hfss with Wave port and lumped port but results for S Parameter are very different between two. Also, for Wave port S11 is decreasing rapidly after 60GHz and that is not something expected. Can anybody help me to figure out this issue? Any help is (...)
Hi rabiazainab, Have you confirmed that the wave port and lumped port are exciting the same mode?
Hello, I am simulating some lambda/2 series cpw resonators, and have been getting some disagreement between my results when simulating by Wave port or lumped Terminal. They both show resonance at roughly the expected frequency, but disagree on order of a few hundred MHz. I am inclined to believe the wave port results as (...)
Hi Mads, Could you please say more detailed about this lumped port? Where did you place the port and the perfect E sheet? It will be even great if you could upload your project file. Thank you very much!
hi, i am trying to attach a lumped port with cpw slot antenna but it is not occurring properly,i have attached the file in hfss also paper which i want to follow.if any one can help me it will be great favour. also if someone has worked on slot antenna then plz tell me in order to make slot i should subtract slot rectangle (...)
hi I have cpw fed problem... someonme can help me? i use lumped port someone can help me to use the wave port? 7385673857 73851
Dear Opamp Your lumped port looks fine to me,from what i understood of your question, and what strip line are you talking about,its already drawn here isnt it? Regards Rotmanlens
Hello lambda/4 is the minimum dimension you are supposed to have. it is better to have a dimension larger than quarter of a lambda in every direction and especially in the direction of radiation. you can use wave port and have a rectanglular pec on top of the port to have the wave port inside the radiation box solved or use (...)
Hi Everyone. I am relative new to hfss, so I really could use some help to this one problem. Im trying to measure the coupling between a Coplanar waveguide and a probe. I have excited my cpw with to lumped ports, placed my probe 10 microns over the cpw and placed a Wave port on top (...)
Hi, I have attached the design has cpw with 2 ground element and a feed element. i would like to know what type & how to give feed? Please help me to Solve the design
Try feeding with lumped port and reduce its size. Make it equal to the feed (in width ) and length = substrate thickness, I guess it is touching the gnd. Your file: cpw has got no analysis setup.
Hi everybody i ve a question about simulating a coplanar Power-Signal-Ground structure in hfss. i m not sure how to assign a fixed potential of say 1V to the power line and subsequently define a lumped port. moreover, should the boundary be radiation around the structure (λ/4 from each side)? i would appreciate some guidance (...)
the attached file is a tutorial that can help you to choose between lumped port and waveport excitation in your project. i hope it can help you
hi, With a grounded coplanar waveguide, what kind of port to use is better? wave port? or lumped port? because it's grounded cpw, the Integration Line is from cpw to transmission line? or grounded to transmission line? and i'm used for hfss 11 Thx
Hi everybody I'm new to hfss, I need your help in simulating a cpw fed multibande omnidirectional planar microstrip antenna. It's for my final year project. I find difficulties in : Assigning excitations: Waveport vs. lumped port? Assigning boundaries... Your help would be welcome. ps: all (...)
Wave ports are good enough to sort UWB antenna issues in cpw case, with lumped port also u can get the results. Please upload ur model for more help....
you dont know how to excite the cpw using lumped port. Is that your problem?
As far as I know the lumped port attempts to simulate an excitation probe on your circuit. I have used a lumped port on cpw structure to simulate my sample. I have used for the port a width equal to the width of the cpw signal trace. I left the same gaps of the (...)
Hi, The defined of lumped port is easily to me. But I don't understand your question, maybe you can take a picture about feeding point, that's availed us. Best regard