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Hello everyone! I am working on the design of an IO with a differential driver and reciever with lvds approach. My requirements are to design the IO for optical interfaces. Cat6a wire seems suitable for such an application as a transmission line. Therefore before starting the circuit design i need to do a behavioral check of the (...)
Hello, i'm currently designing a 1.25GHz (digital signal) lvds-like driver to drive an FPGA. Could someone please help me or advise me on the following choices: - could i avoid internal termination of the transmission line, and hence reduce power consumption for a given swing by half? Assuming rise/fall time of 1/10th of period, i (...)
Is it possible for an offset in the differential output signals to occur in an lvds transmitter?
Hi all! In my lvds driver design used common mode feedback. When I modeling simple model which include lvds driver and 100 Ohm termination amplitude-frequency characteristic of CMFB is good: gain is about 75 dB and phase margin is about 80 deg. But when I modeling it with more complex model which include also package inductance, package capa
For lvds, the drive current is only 3.5mA to reach 600Mbps. How can this current drive the capacitance of trace? There is no way that the rising time can be faster than 1ns when the drive current is only 3.5mA. Please help me understand this. Thanks in advance.
Hello, In the RapidIO standard DC specs for Driver is similar to TIA-644-A standard (Vohd = 247...454 mV, Vold = -454...-247 mV). But AC specs are: Vohd = 200...540 mV, Vold = -540...-200 mV. What from appear this specs? Does it appear on acount of reflections in transmission line? What is testbench to measure AC Vohd and Vold? Shou
It depends on the resistor. If you are simulating real 1.5K resistors with parasitic capacitance, they probably aren't true resistive at the lvds operating frequency. For this reason, the solution may fail, at least in a real circuit. But you should know better about the parameters of simulated devices.
Hello, can someone help me how should I model the transmission line of an lvds driver under cadence environnement. There is an instance called ( tline ) in ( analogLib) but I don think it s the appropriate one and I don t know what should I put as parameter with this tline . My lvds will (...)
Impedance on a PCB is measured using a Time Domain Reflectometer - the length of the line has no bearing on the AC impedance, it determines whether or not you line is "transmissive" - in the case of lvds, (can go a lot higher than 200 Mhz), you need to calculate differential impedance, there are many for sale calculators and a couple of (...)