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I was error "missing port VDD,GND,IN,OUT" in process layout lvs calibre cadence I need help Thank all 134050134051
I have to make a layout of 200k resistor so i connected 20 resistors in series,10k each. But when i done lvs it will give a property error. PROPERTY errorS DISC# LAYOUT SOURCE error 1 0(1.055,0.705) r18 R m: 1 (...)
HI Fellow engineering students. I have a question regarding to "lvs error" that I am having. Main problem is from using any device from umc13mmrf library that's using "PSUB" pin. I am saying this because any time I used the device that has "PSUB" pin just like I showed in the attachment(inductor in this case), when I go to the source fi
Hi everyone, I am working on TSMC library and have a lvs problem. calibre lvs shows there are missing nets and instances for VDD power pads, PVDD1GZ and PVDD2DGZ, in my source spice, but there is no error for VSS power pads. It is true that my source netlist doesn't have these power pads. So, I was (...)
... I believe the error has to do with diodes added in order to pass lvs. How do I know exactly where I need diodes and where I do not? Which diodes? Did you add diodes (in schematic) for the built-in (parasitic) anti-parallel diodes (in layout)? If so, this is not necessary. Or do you talk of diodes against antenna rule
1# error: Different numbers of ports. error: Power or ground net missing. ...... Layout Source Component Type ------ ------ -------------- Ports: 0 4 * Nets: 6 4 * Instances: (...)
I was trying to run lvs for a simple transistor (schematic vs layout). However I have this error of no ports found in the layout source during calibre lvs. Layout Source Ports: 0 5 Nets: 17 11 Instances: 10 1 Kindly
I was using the lvs header file to run parasitic extraction but I am facing this error again and again: "error INP7 on line 256 of .../calibre_lvs.rul - incomplete keyword specification - pex" I am a newbie in calibre and upon checking, I can't find "PEX" being define in the runset. Is (...)
Try to write the following in your lvs Rule deck LAYER MAP 14 TEXTTYPE 10 (Any_number) TEXT LAYER (any_number) This thing should be fine. I am assuming that M1 is the Layer number 14 in your techfile. And then Add PORT LAYER TEXT (any_number) But in your rule deck, #DEFI