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what are drc,......lvs......TIMING CLOSURE
Hi, I would like to know if fixing drc and lvs impacts timing in any way. Is there a chance that it might degrade setup/hold timing?How exactly they are related?
Hello everybody, does anyone have experience on working with Assura on Centos 7? Assura drc is working fine, however lvs fails due to syntax errors after opening the .csm and .cls files for comparison. I know that Centos 7 is not supported, but using a 20 year old OS even in a virtual machine to support those tools has countless limitations.
Hi David - You need to generate CCI (QCI) database from Calibre SVRF database (using Calibre Query Server - you need to have CCI license to do that), and use that CCI as one of the inputs when compiling QRC techFile. Ask Cadence for help, as these things can get tricky and might require Cadence support (especially so that PDK for QRC is not provi
The idea of using a high-$ verification tool and a free PDK is slightly amusing. The lack of open source verification (drc, extract, lvs) tools makes the availability of multiple "free" layout and schematic design tools almost moot, at least for real work. Some other verification tools (like Silvaco Guardian) will "digest" Caliber erro
Gopal, use nay genric 0.18 model. they will work with SCL. Symica : No layout possible with drc /lvs free layout tools not available. Simulation : free 300 nodes max, bias info (i, V) incomplete . level 49 models will work. simulation OK. Graph : Average , calculator function limited. SCl model will work. Symica clone of IC5141. Electric : p
Probably not "dummy" but rather special purpose. Like you may see met1_vdd and met1_vss in a kit which will all be "ORed" with met1 at mask fab prep but during design, enable a very simple "power short" check by drc (provided you stuck to the discipline) that later lvs would flag, but give no help in locating. Maybe a met6_ind layer would be used
Hi can i do drc, lvs check for a digital design using Caliber tool or is Caliber only meant for analog layouts? If it can be done using Caliber can anyone explain me the steps to do drc lvs checks? I have used caliber before but for analog. What file type must be included in caliber for a digital design. Is it .LEF file? (...)
Can anyone help me with fixing drc/lvs violations. Does anybody know whether IC compiler can fix these errors itself or not? I tried to use signoff autofix drc option of IC compiler which is related to IC validator, but I received these errors: Error: The ICV environment variable has not been specified. (RT-022) Error: Failed
Hi, Can I do physical verification(PV like drc & lvs) using Synopsis ICC tool? If yes, please help me on how can I do it(with the help of pdfs, videos, ppts). Thanks,
For TSMC - you must use the latest version (of DRM, drc, lvs ...) which is available on TSMC site.
How to find that there is Latchup effect just after completing layout drc/lvs any tool available. How to find that there is Antenna effect just after completing layout drc/lvs any tool available. If any one have work over it please response. If any one have any pdf/ppt please attach here
I need a schematic based tool such as tanner S-Edit. (Layout, drc,lvs are not required) > I should be able to calculate critical path propagation delay > I should be able to calculate power consumption/dissipation > I should able to measure critical path delay and power consumption for different mos technologies >The technology library
hello! can any one please explain me the difference between lvs runset file and drc runset file in ASIC design Physical Verification? In detail what to be observed if we are provided with the two runset files ? any images or snapshots are accepted for better understanding. thanks
Dear All i have design a transconductance amplifier. done with layout of it.. cleared drc and lvs and PEX. in PEX i m getting some warning. i m not able to understand those warning but because of these warning i m able to generate config view. i m attaching the error file
I'm a fresh man in analog IC design. when I run lvs in calibre, it says calibre lvs rule file compiling error: undefined layer name parameter -- metal 5, I don't know why. Besides, I have no runset files in this process. My drc rule file runs well.
I have some drc errors i can not understand. I was told there are some files that contain an explanation of each drc/lvs error. could anyone help me know where to find them or how to interpret the errors? the technology i am using is TSMC13rf Example: OD.DN.3 { @ {OD OR DOD} density across full chip (minimum) >= 25% DENSITY ALL_OD < (...)
Hi Hkrist, You can add it all over the region, I think your memories meeting required metal density already(Generally memories/IP will be closed with drc/lvs so internally they will take care of density as well) And i think they ll have blockages as well. So you dont need to worry about that, just carry on with your Calibre drc checks.
Hi, cdl refers to circuit design language i think mostly netlist level language format similar to spice and used in lvs and drc .gds is graphic database system format is unreadable. It is a binary file format representing planar geometric shapes, text labels, and other information about the layout in hierarchical form. The data can be used to re
I have drawn the layout checked drc and lvs while extracting the layout the reisitors are not getting extracted pls help this is the error showing in cadence viruoso Delete psf data in /root/simulation/PMOSTEST/spectre/schematic/psf. generate netlist... Begin Incremental Netlisting Jul 6 05:33:48 2015 WARNING (OSSHNL-160): Th