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Hi guys, I am trying to do lvs for a basic opamp circuit. The lvs is running when I don't use resistor but the moment I add ressitor lvs is not running and says failed! and in log file it says *ERROR* Device 'opppcres(res)' on Schematic is unbound to any Layout device. (...)
Hi everybody: I am using AMS H35 tech for HV-Processor M0 Chip. The P&R and DRC have passed. Now I am using Assura to do lvs and encounter some wired problems. Who has some ideals? thanks and regards Error: Device 'cds_thru(Generic)' on schematic is unbound to any layout device Device 'RDIFFP3(res)' on Layout is unbound to any Schematic de
Yupp did u find any merging parallel or series connections. From the lvs debug you can zoom into that layout portion, and see if there is any merged connections. This is the only possibility I can think of.
I want to select the netlist cdl file to run lvs with the layout used assura .But I do not know the cdl file format like res cap bjt diode. I think you want the the lvs comparison between layout and a netlist? This is the normal method if you run an lvs between schematic and layout: from both views, first a (SPICE
i dont know if this is the right place for this sort of question but I want to automate lvs process in cadence. I'm thinking of (preferably small) skill code that does this : (1)opens a cell in the database in schematic view (2)write out a cdl netlist (3)opens layout view of the cell (4)does lvs on the cell (5)writes (...)
You should check the divalvs.rul. May be the permute rule for resistors doesn't contain a combine function. If the permute rule is: permuteDevice(series "res") it should be modified to permuteDevice(series "res" seriesres) May be your rule file doesn't contain the function seriesres. You (...)
Hello, In the Runset (rule) file there is a part where are described tolerancies for al devices. You must check there and to change with a proper value. Example: ************************** compareParameter( MOS percent( "W" 0.1 "L" 0.1 )) compareParameter( CAP percent( "value" 2 )) compareParameter( res percent( "value" 2 )) co
Hello anyone. If a standard I/O cell have unconnected res or gate , how to make calibre xrc to exclude these device during xrc ? Have tried using lvs FILTER but still in spice netlist extracted still can see the res and gate extracted ? Thx in advance. (...)
Hi Guys, Can somebody tell me how to add formula in lvs command file to check the resistor value, for example, I spec the resistor value in the CDL nelist, and I give the squar resistance in the lvs command file: PARAMETER res 1k, but I need this formula R=1k* to calculate the practice (...)