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Hi I have synthesized a rtl using lvt and hvt cells.I dumped out netlist and when taking in to pnr tool ,i got errors saying the hvt cells are marked dont use. so my physical data is not coming.i am unable to change the attribute also,again it is saying they are dont use cells. remove attribute is also not to fix this (...)
Hello, Me and my team are designing a clock generator and using Synopsis having 90nm process technology. I will just ask on how to choose the right transistor types (PMOS and NMOS lvt or hvt) in order to have a more optimized circuit? Thank you in advance.
Which cell has lowest area and why among hvt, lvt and svt cells? hat is the ranking in terms of area for a cell for hvt, svt, lvt?
Hi All, I have a floorplan def which already contains libraries with lvt cells ,with hierarchy 13k approx and using get_Cells only aim is to replace them all 13k with rvt cells,So i need a tcl script and i am not good at coding.Can you share some kind of help or any easy method to replace them all ??
Assuming you do not intend to change RTL logic, hvt/svt/lvt selection might be an option, which is sort of transistor sizing. Current RC tools are smart enough to handle all possible circuit optimization well enough. If you still get timing violations, you'll have to either allow transistor resizing(at expense of more power for speed), or re-code y
1.How to change the existing threshold voltage value for a transistor in mentor graphics?that is for lvt,hvt and svt transistors for level shifter using mtcmos 2.How to apply transistor sizing in 180nm technology at schmitt trigger based SRAM design in mentor?
Hi All, There are several approaches regarding mix-library (hvt and lvt)synthesis Approach#1: synthesize all your design with hvt lib and only then optimize critical paths with lvt cells Approach#2: give to the tool all your libraries and it will do its best to meet timing, area and power. What approach is best (...)
Assuming same input capacitance and dimentions, from off state, lvt transistors will be triggered-on earlier than hvt by the rising gate voltage. (e.g. lvt gate=0.2v vs hvt gate=0.3v exaggerated for next point). This is a problem in leakage power since gate voltage has to drop significantly below threshold to shutdown the (...)
hvt -> High Delay and Less Leakage lvt -> Less Delay and High Leakage The approach is, use only hvt from Synthesis to Route. Allow lvt cells only after Post-Route Optimization, this will have less overall leakage. Again, it depends on the design & varies from design to design.
RVT is equal to the Standard VT cells. And its in between hvt and lvt.
What does unclassified Vt mean? When we dump mvt report using aprisa am able to see unclassified vt along with hvt, lvt & svt/rvt?
If you swap the capture flop from SVT to lvt or hvt, there will be very minimal (~1-15ps) setup/hold impact in most flop ckts, it is of zero impact for hold. If you swap the launch flop from SVT to lvt or hvt, Setup will be improved by 20-30ps and hold will be impacted correspondingly.
lvt - faster cells, high power hvt - slow cells, less power Strange... the vendor told you that. :-D I would suggest to have a single execution with both the libcells available and use the following attributes -- max_leakage_power power_optimization_effort -- This should help you with a good leakage power saving. Also there was a time when the f
Schematic will be same except for extra lvt or hvt layers. Functional operation ish. also the same except that clock buffers are used in clock paths and normal ones in data pat
You may want to avoid fillter 1 to avoid abrupt vt changes, suppose, what I am thinking is a lvt filler1 doesn't sit in between two hvt Cells as it creates, the vt abrupt changes. Ofcourse, avoiding filler1 is not the hard rule, but , better to avoid. Thanks, Jack ---------- Post added at 18:10 ---------- Previous post w
why hvt cell having high threshold value and lvt cells having low threshold value
please refer to the above link lot of discussions in the board. Thanks &&&&
3 Libraries - hvt ( High Vt) - SVT (Standard Vt) ( a.k.a RVT regular Vt) - lvt ( Low Vt) Advantages of hvt - Low leakage power. Disadvantages of hvt - Gate Delays are slower. once u run STA , and meet timing , and u have timing Slack on non-critical paths, some tools replace SVT cells with (...)
hi , I am designing a MOS switch. There are three types of threshold Voltage MOS, Low Vth, Normal Vth,and High Vth. As i know, low vth can run high speed but large leakage. High is low speed, small leakage. In the mos switch design, do you care about leakage ? Best Gang
hi friends, I have a problem in tcl comparision as most of eda work is tcl related I hope I get a answer. I have 2 lists list1 = {hvt 1.0 lvt 2.35} list2 = {hvt 1.000 lvt 2.3500} when I compare this two lists I get the result saying both the list are different where as bot of them are same. can any one help (...)

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