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Hi every one. I'm supposed to transmit data with spartan 6 via Ethernet 100M. for this reason i am using dp838 PHY . FPGA is playing mac layer and phy will handled physical layer. would you tell me how i can provide an optimum CRC for my data packet? best regards
hi friends.. kindly hlp me out.. my thesis area is mac layer protocols in wsn using MATLAB.. i am not able to define problem..whether i should i work on enhancing an protocol. kindly suggest any protocol on which work has done and i can develop my own anothr protocol.i am not able to access IEEE papers so not upto date with latest research on prot
Hi, If we have two bluetooth device with same mac address and if we are sending data to that address, will both device receive the data ? Is there any possible issues like channel collision on air or some thing like that?
I need to design and build several low-cost "Ethernet" signal boosters, but I am unsure how to proceed because my application seems (to me) to differ in some key ways compared to advice I've seen in books and the Internet so far. I am also personally not very experienced or so knowledgable at the moment about the design considerations for high spee
Hi Am doing My PG project in WSN mac protocols. Can anyone Help me to simulate WSN in MATLAB
Hello, I need a little comment for this picture. I don’t know exactly what this is. I am studying mac protocols now for body area networks. Why are there Inactive Period? And do it mean a period where no one use the channel? Why? I think the beacons means the synchronisation.. Do these beacons equal to messages? I have not found any detail
I'm looking at protocols like the Aloha protocol at the mac level. How hard is it to programme such protocols (lets say in C language) for real life working devices. where can i learn such low level programming? Does C language have special methods/classes/functions that would help programme mac layer (...)
hi iam working in aproject with wireless sensor network iam using the nodes to monitor an industrial process i got to use 6-10 nodes my part in the project is to make the network between nodes all the protocols i know was used in large number of nodes so if any one can advice me what mac(medium access control) should i use and
Hi , Can any one please let me know , about the PHY level and application layer details of voise sms . PHY i would like to know how the voise is converted to data for transmission at block diagram level . Need application and mac level protocols . Thank you Very much in advance . Prem
To focus on only one domain seems to be an old fashion approach. Instead focus on the interception between different domain levels. If you take a look at the wireless sensor networks you have to design new efficient com protocols and special analog circuits. In between there are hardware mac implementations, low energy DSPs, clever RF architectu
Yes, wUSB uses UWB technology to transfer data. It uses Wimedia mac and PHY protocols.
Channel sensing is used in mac protocols to optimize the Energy Efficiency vs Throughput when RSSI (Read Signal Strength Indicator) is used in any other type of receivers to indicate the level of the signal (usually just before the detector).
HI, can any one pls give me some guidence reg wimax mac layer simualtion using GLomosim. how to configure protocols etc.. Thanks MRK
This semester, l learned mobile communication . And we are called to complete one article on one of the following subjects: 1\ mobile wireless communication theory 2\ Zigbee 3\ IEEE 802.11 4\IEEE 802.16 5\ Bluetooth 6\ WSN 7\ Ad-hoc any paper about mac/routing/protocols/and simulations will be accept. Could anyone give some advice , w
Dear Abu Ammora, Layer 2 consist of two (media access control) and LLC (Logical link control), The mac sublayer controls how a computer on the network gains access to the data and permission to transmit it. The LLC layer controls frame synchronization, flow control and error checking. Anyway.... protocol between switch and PC me
Howdy! I am looking for websites where I can find open-source implementations (preferably HDL, but SW is fine as well) of popular cores. More specifically, I am looking for implementation of wireless protocols stacks. More specifically still, I am looking mac-layer implementations for WiMAX, WiFi and Bluetooth. If I get any more specifi
We do have an Ethernet 10/100 mac IP core, How do we implement some other protocols by using hardware? such as the UDP, DLC, IPv4, ICMP and ARP? Anyone can recommand what's the first steps we should do? Thx!!