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My graphics editor (GraphicConverter for macintosh) has a tool called White Correction. You click in an area of the image, and it shifts the color intensities so the area is pure white. Then it goes on and applies that color shift to the entire image. It's an easy way to remove tint from a photo. There are user-defined color filter tools too but I
Did you try the simplest configuration? I used a null modem years ago to send program listings from my VIC-20 to my macintosh. It does without the handshaking protocols. Only 3 wires go between your devices (ground, send, receive)(Send & receive are crossed over). Install jumpers at each end in such a way to make the devices think that proper hand
One of your connectors almost resembles an 8-pin mini-DIN, the serial port on early macintosh computers. I say 'almost' because the pin spacing is off. It can only be a substitute if you were to do some precise drilling and soldering. Your connector also does not match the 7-pin version.
Mac and Windows OS have system utilities that detect network settings. Perhaps that is what you need? Look in System Preferences on a macintosh. Look in Network control panel on a Windows machine. There are several numbers in regard to networking. You may need to examine a few utility programs, before you can pick out the IP address you're looki
Dear All, Please let me know which mother board should i buy if i want to install macintosh in my normal intel core2duo processor with ddr2 ram. please suggest. Thanks and regards Vivek Thakur +91-9873786128
What have you tried so far? Did you try using a ready-made communications program? Years ago DOS allowed you to do this with communications programs called Interlink and Interserver. (macintosh had a program called Hyperterminal). On the occasions I have used null modem cables transfer data from one computer to the other, I usually had to put in
Do you want to turn your Lenevo into a macintosh? Mac OS is a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) for their macintosh line of computer systems.
One of my friends who is an expert in these areas says that windows is so complex that it has a nearly infinite number of security holes. He suggests using unix or unix-like operating systems. He also likes the macintosh OS.
Let start with this one:
I have a .SIT extention file and want to see in a windows viewer softaware. I guess this .SIT file is an Apple macintosh graphic file. BTW This file extention is forbiden to be attached! Thank you, Fernando
The security plug was probably manufactured by a different company. Try to find out this company from any markings on the security plug. They will give you advice on which adapter to use. I had similar problems on another program for the macintosh and the plug manufacturer told me which specific adapter to buy and it worked.
If your into emulating old school stuff here is a cool link they even got the trs-80 I don't how many macintosh fans we got out there but here is a kicken program for emulating old school 6400 Performa, it also has internet access ablities Basilisk II Emulator - PC and Linux
Simulink? 6.2.1 System Requirements: Requires MATLAB Simulink required for all Design Automation products General System Requirements for Microsoft Windows UNIX/Linux macintosh Product Version Availability Simulink? is available on the following platforms: Operating System Product Version HP-UX 11 6.2 Linux 6.2 Linux x8
Is this an external drive? If I remember right, the Apple operating system has the ability to format external drives in both DOS and Apple style. There are some third party Apple programs that will format drives. Do you have a friend who has a macintosh with system 9 or later?
Somehow I totally missed that the development of this nice schematic/pcb for macintosh OSX already started:
Hi! Are there any dev tools or avr ,8051, st7 runing on macintosh? Thank you!
because apple has copyrights on it and that they keep schematics secrets... they never went out of the factory, may be even from the design room... the only schematics I know of are the macintosh plus ( year 1986...) so very old. by the way, what do you want to do with these schematics ? repair one ? explain the defect and I can help you in f
Hi Analyzer, 1). u definitely r able to draw 200ma from usb port. the only exception is on the keyboard port of macintosh, as i know 2). vbus is noisy though, it's still usable & depending on how u filter, then make it clean. otherwise, how 2.0 bus powered device exist.