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Hi, I am using a LPC2148 development board but when i am burning hex code into board through Flash magic it is not burning and error message is: Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud-Step that what can i will do.
pic.programmer: In the OP's version, they (correctly) make all of the variables that were updated in the ISR 'volatile' but the code presented in #4 above does not. This is a backwards step. Also, the OP initialised the timer in a way that is self-documenting but the code above relies on 'magic numbers' and is therefore much harder to (...)
What is a problem to provide more information? Wich ARM do you using? Where is the code? We are not a magichans, we know nothing about black magic, fortuna cards and e.t.c.
l I have micro controller 89c51 ,LED,switch,compiler(keil),programmer (flesh magic) SWITCH is input device connected port pin P0.1 LED is output device connected port pin P1.1 I have written assembly code in keil software for exampleORG OH ON: SETB P1.1 ; LED IS ON OFF: CLRB P1.1 ; LED IS OFF LOOP: JB P0.1 ; SWITCH ON
Hi sky_123, You saved a lot of frustration for me. The solution you presented worked like a magic spell. thanks..
Hey Guys, Attempting to write a small code for measuring your heartbeat through your fingertip. Now its been years since I've done any programming but what I used to do was write the code in Keil and create the hex file from there,then use Flash magic to download the code to a 8051 chip.I think it was placed into a (...)
hi. i want to read a bitmap image from my sdcard. i was able to write to sdcard as in the tutorial. my source code for reading is as follows: #include #include #include #pragma pack(2) typedef struct{ unsigned short int type; /* magic identifier */ unsigned int size; /*
Hi, Currently, Flash magic can be used to control the ISP mode by using COM port handshaking devices by automatically place into ISP mode and then automatically will execute the code at the end of the writing operation. The microcontroller used is P89C51RD2HBA and this operation was successfully done using the DB9 RS232 connector. However, now,
There's plenty of software projects out there that you can use as inspiration for your algorithms. Also, the magic google search query: "gnu radio usrp fpga".
i am having baud rate problems in connecting arm lpc2129 with pc. philips flash magic tool used to program code but there is connection problem in it .kindly help me in this
hai everyone, i am trying to download code to lpc2103 using flash magic, but every time erasing is getting displayed and after a while operation failed(erasing device) is getting displayed,i tried with lpc2000 flash utility also then it was not even getting connected, can any one help me to solve this issue
I assume that you know that CRC has a magic initial word that you need to provide at the start of the message? This is the moment that you enable the CRC ... here is how I did it. NextChecksum is a function very similar to yours. p_CkecksumProcessing : process (pi_ByteClk, pi_aRst, ChecksumRst) variable v_NextCRC32 :
hi,i have a project on 8051.i have installed the flash magic but not able to burn the code on the controller.The message appeared in the dialog box was"try using decreased baud rate.Reset the hardware in ISP mode".I have tried decreasing the baud rate.But still it isn't working.What should be done?????????
Hi all, I have been asking Google for the last hour, but cant find a answer. I would like to know what magic make the connection between the HEX file and the micro controller. In other words, how does me writing something like "output_high(PIN_A0);" make PIN_A0 high? Most websites tell me that the c code is converted to ASM and then a HEX fi
Hi all , I?ve got a problem with Flash magic Ethernet BootLoader . The original sample for LPC1768 works fine but with a little change I made in the source code of the bootloader program . Here?s the line I added : SCB->VTOR = 0x00002000; in the code below: void execute_user_code(void) { void (...)
If you are using AT89S52 then you need a different software/hardware for programming. Flash magic can support only philips parts and not atmel parts
Works just fine over here. Of course you did not specify the magic ingredient... What is the magic ingredient you ask? Well, in what blocks you are running your code snippet of course. So basically the tip is to please next time just paste the entire code. Because as it is I can grab your code and (...)
Hi, I am trying to burn a hex code to P89V51RD2 using Flash magic version 6.01.2547 at 9600 baud rate, interface-none(ISP). All the check boxes in advanced options are unchecked and the hardware circuitry is fine. 'erase all flash' and 'verify after programming' are checked. When I press reset after the 'Reset device' dialogue box, nothing happen
it is possible to download program in P89V51rd2 which is written in AT89C51 by using keil-uv3 software . and if i write program in P89V51rd2 then i found one error " P0 is undefined identifier " so which header file is required to include in keil software. when i download program in P89V51rd2 using flash magic then one pop up menu come " reset
hi, My p89v51rd2 is not flashing but when I reset the IC it is executing the previously burned program. I am using flash magic software.