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Hello everyone, how can I change the value of lambda in magic, from from the Input style lambda=1.0(gen) to whatever I want. Thanks in
only good for cadence, anything for magic?
Hello everyone , I would like to use a full adder standard cell in my project I am using magic layout tool, I found one in the ssxlib library in, the problem is it's not documented, it seems like it is a four bit full, the ports labels available are, (a1 b1 cin1), (a2, b2, cin2), (a3, b3, cin3), (a4, b4), (sout, cout) ther
You have magic , Electric for normal VLSI desing. What about FPGA physical tool?
If you want to use stripboard then look for the old package stripboard magic. You draw a circuit and it designs the stripboard layout.
Is it possible to fabricate a chip if we do the layout in Electric VLSI or magic VLSI? If possible, can any body tell me what are all the settings we have to do before staring the layout? Advance thanks
Some open source tools exists like alliance, magic or electric, but I never tried to bound any technology to them or to do anything ;-) If You want to learn at home I recommend You to start from one of the older cmos like 0.8, 0.5 or 0.35um (of course if is it still possible to find), because in deep submicron, the complexity and number of design
You can lay out ICs with Lasi or magic, both of which are free. Keith
Hi, I was thinking of trying out some basic BJT layouts. Can CMOS process be used for the same. Also, does anyone know of any available BJT process which can be used with free layout editors (LASI, magic, Electric) etc. Thanks, Emma Good
LASI, ICED and magic are IC layout tools. Keith
LASI would be my choice although I believe there is also magic. Keith
I designed a low pass filter using Differential difference amplifier for cutoff frequency 150Hz.When i simulate in ngspice i got correct cutoff frequency,but when i extract the magic layout and simulate using spice i'mgetting very low cutoff frquency around 40Hz.What may be the reason?............
Hi, There are free tools for Analog layout Design. They are MicroWind and magic. These tools come with the document "how to draw a inverter". Rgds, JK
friends i have to generate cell characterizations of MTcmos I am unable to start plzz help me i even dont know how to start i heard that i should do in spice and draw the layout in some synopsys tool other than magic so plz help me as soon as possibleee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Hi , Is there a way to take layout extraction from magic , and simulate it in Cadence Virtuoso? Thanks ...
i am trying to perform hspice simulation for a layout named fourbit_addr_layout.sp what does the following warning in magic layout mean: " Using: /bin/time /import/cadence/ic/tools/dfII/sparc0S5/hspice fourbit_addr_layout.sp warning: ridiculously long PATH truncated"
for analog design you realy need to do the layout for each transistor as they do not have same size. for digital you can make all the devices in a row having same height, but different width. hence you can use system based auto routing. one good free tool for this is magic layout tool. give it a try. all the commercial tools do not have (...)
Hi, U can use poly for making the resistor in magic, to identify the poly as resistor u have to put a pseudo layer. Pseudo layer name is pseudo rpoly. Give two terminal names then extract you will get the value of the resistance between the nodes. If u need i will send you scipt that generate the required resistance value using the POLY.
HI, is thre free software ? or some links to dowload ? Thanks for help Try magic or any evaluation version of Tanner tools.
Dear all, I am working on magic layout editor for my acadmic project. I have file. It will be great help if anyone shares tsmc018 tech file for magic. Thank you very much Snajana S