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I want design this project for magic shows, and I would like to include this in the act. How Can I design a circuit so I can make the ball move? I need to design circuit for it. The wand will have the transmitter. The ball will have the receiver in it. I want to make it stop when the wand is less than 1 feet away and or plus 2+ feet away.
These parameters naturally want to wander with PVT. you might stabilize them for one "magic point" (though not likely both at once) but whether these are the key to overall temperature stability of the output voltage, I rather doubt. More likely to make a manufacturable (P-insensitive) product with desirable regulation accuracy (V- and T- insen
Hi Guys, I study in a public university and we haven't resources to purchase an EDA license software.. Our researches are focused in Logic and Electrical Synthesis. We are really interested to improve our researches in nanometers technologies.. I'd like to know if is possible to use this Design Kit technology in magic o
a magic tee is a VOLTAGE vector combination device. in other words, if you have a signal at port 1, and another signal at port 2 that is the SAME AMPLITUDE AND PHASE....then almost all the power ends up at the SUM output port, and little of the power ends up at the ISOLATION port. but you said you are using magnetrons? Are the two magnetron ou
Hello everybody i am working with the Vteam model of memristor and i am trying to make a crossbar with magic gates using this model but i have some problems Is there anybody here who deals with errors of type R0: weff should be greater than zero R0: leff should be greater than
Does anyone have any experience with Electric VLSI design tool or magic or Toped (micron) or ? Thanks.
When I connected a newbie LPC11u68 to USB port,it recognized in windows as an USB mass storage device.When I programmed LPCOPEN HID example by Flash magic to it,after resetting the board,my PC can't recognized it.Only when I pulled down PIO0_1(ISP selection pin)it still recognized as a Mass storage device.???
Hello, I am very new to LPC2148. And I want to do simple LED blink example program in the beginning . I have written code but I do not know how to dump hex file. Is it done using UART ???? Can any one tell the procedure to dump hex file. I am using keil uVision4 and flash magic. Thank you, Ragi
which tool are you using to download the firmware to chip??? if you are using flash magic then try changing the baud rate ..
Do you use Flash magic for upload?
Hi, I am using a LPC2148 development board but when i am burning hex code into board through Flash magic it is not burning and error message is: Operation Failed. Failed to autobaud-Step that what can i will do.
Hello fellow Hobbyists, some days ago some magic smoke came out my SSD, at first glance I thought that was just the glue of a resistor getting hot. I got proven wrong, as I rebooted it didn't recognistse the drive ananymore. An important side note might be that the SATA Data connection still picked up the SSD, it just didn't had power to run I
Hello everyone, how can I change the value of lambda in magic, from from the Input style lambda=1.0(gen) to whatever I want. Thanks in
Anyone knows? The cell library should work with cadence and magic layout
Hello everyone , I would like to use a full adder standard cell in my project I am using magic layout tool, I found one in the ssxlib library in, the problem is it's not documented, it seems like it is a four bit full, the ports labels available are, (a1 b1 cin1), (a2, b2, cin2), (a3, b3, cin3), (a4, b4), (sout, cout) ther
Hi, Use magic software for layout.I think u can install it for windows too.Related tech files will also be available.
Hi, I would like to share my experience with you as far as concern the BC109C transistor and I would like your comments on this. I have already read this thread This transistor has worked for me many times in different small signal circuits, like small QRP transmitters/transceivers, RF mixers and preamp
pic.programmer: In the OP's version, they (correctly) make all of the variables that were updated in the ISR 'volatile' but the code presented in #4 above does not. This is a backwards step. Also, the OP initialised the timer in a way that is self-documenting but the code above relies on 'magic numbers' and is therefore much harder to understand, d
Ah, nope! Your foil is acting as one plate of a capacitor, with the other one formed by the electronics and its power wiring, there is no magic here. As you change the capacitive loading the impedance reflected into the transformers primary changes which changes the required supply current and circuit efficiency, but in no case do you get even cl
You have magic , Electric for normal VLSI desing. What about FPGA physical tool?