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I dnt know whether below mention link will be howmuch usefull ... but you can check that one once.. it has almost all the important flow related command of
Hi, I am planning to write a timing debugger script, which should dump out a report which briefs out reasons for the failure of top 10 failing end points. Reason1 : Can be higher Skew Reason2 : cells which are low drive cells. Reason3 : Xtalk Reason4 : bad tran/cap due to Fanout Reason5 : bad tran/cap due to long net Please some o
Hi folks, I need to take a screenshot of the tool screen when it is running, Please guide me how to write the script for taking a screenshot in tcl. I am using magma tool is there any tool command is there? Please let me know.. Thanks in advance kpsr.
Hi Guys, I am a junior guy, I am trying magma tool. I wonder if magma have interpreter to check TCL script prior to running? Because if the incorrect command located near to end of script.Given no syntax check first, the tool run command one by one until terminate at incorrect command, that is not quite good!
Hello All , I would like to know if there is any script to find out the location(s) of the signal open / signal short on a particular net . Say , if a net is reported to have a short then the script should locate the places (coordinates) where the short actually occurred. Thanks In Advance ,
Hi, How to prevent standard cells or standard cell pins from being placed under power stripes in magma? thankz
For 1,what do you mean by there is no path? are your referring to the timing information ? If timing information is missing, then in magma env, you can query for the timing information on that particular register. If you want to check for datapath between C and D, you can either write a simple perl script to see if there is any connection between
hi, i will give u a rough command flow for magma. it will suffice. after u prepare volcano: fix rtl 2.say ur scan style using force dft scan style. fix netlist. 4. enter ohter scan chain run bind logical for binding ur model with library.this is not necessary if u have done high level optimization using magm