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Hi Guys, I have no .lib timing model, only TLF(Cadence format) model, can magma Talus import it? I did not find any related command to implement! Thanks.
Hi, While using some optimization commands like "run optimize timing" or "run optimize size" etc.. I see that sometimes the command outputs a message on screen that the path is optimized and meeting the slack requirement{ +ve slack}. But if I do a "report timing summary" the timer show that the timing is (...)
Hi bj , Very nice documentation.Can you please upload any appnot & kind of presentation on magma blast fusion? Thanks & Regards; Nitin
Hi, I am trying to minimize clock skew in my design and i found a command "run timing adjust skew" which can used in cts. But when i gave the command i got the following error. any suggestions. mantle:>run timing adjust skew $m $l -effort high -clear MSG-10 While running 'run timing (...)
you can try out fix opt but i doubt it would improve the set up slack.... coz magma optimizes hold paths!
Hi all, For HFNS (high fanout net synthesis), I have to define a clock on reset and scan pin (in order to build a tree), but the problem is, how to clear clock definition after building the tree. There was one command in magma "clear timing clock" which use to clear clock definition on pin. But in CADENCE I not able to find out (...)
magma used tools from A-Plus named PALACE.