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The washing process is made by powering the motor windings for less than 1 second per turn. What occurs is that the magnetic brake is in general connected electrically to the water pump ( this way manufacturers save 1 switching device ), that means, energizing the brake, releases the basket to spin and just during draining process is when you can s
What you are referring to "magnetic blender"- we use in the lab a lot- magnetic stirrer- for mixing liquids. They need a lot more power than a simple PC fan can provide. Viscosity of air and water are greatly different; you are using a motor that is designed to run at high speed and low load to drive a high load at low speed. But I really (...)
Torque is proportional to Current HP is proportional to V*I Due to variation of torque between phases, more phases gives smoother torque. You can search for waveforms depending on size and drivers using magnetic Hall sensors for commutation
Here are suggestions where the sensor has no direct connection to the engine (in case that is what 'wirelessly' means). * The alternator produces a changing magnetic field. Perhaps it is strong enough to be picked up by a coil of wire. * High voltage goes through the spark plug wires. It should be possible to detect this in similar manner to a t
You need a precise optical or magnetic index marker for one of the recursive quadrature cycles counted to compute phase. Then you need to know torque available and interia on motor to predict when it will stop and what external forces are present with acceptable drift. There are several approaches to feedback using both computed position and sense
Place a coil of wire near an opening of the motor housing. It could pick up some signal. Maybe magnetic field. Maybe sparks, etc. Detect the waveform coming from your coil. To count rotations, you'll probably need to divide by the number of windings in your motor.
You need a foot pedal switch and a three phase magnetic contactor. See the picture What is the voltage system (220V or 110V) at your location ? What are the motor ratings ? (voltage, current, horse-power or kil
magnetic Hall sensors or single chip encoders are suitable with a saw tooth scanning or magnetic pole wheel ( ). Enjoy your design work!
`micro controller at89c51 -dc motor -magnetic sensor -load sensors -automatic door open/close -audio notification -seven segment display -switches-and other component -how to done programming of micro controller -and give a new idea on this project give me a circuit diagram and told how interfacing with micro controller
Hi all, thanks for the reply. I really can't add a stepper motor or more complex A micro stepper motor gives the cogging feel without any circuit due to magnetic poles. The two coils with a quadrature logic and generate the step pulse and direction outputs needed or if you prefer , step CW and CCW. This can
magnetic Core saturation is a function of V/f so this ratio must not be exceeded. In your case V should be 183Vac for 50Hz. If the lower RPM is acceptable, ensure V/f is not exceeded in your transformer selection and accept that you will not get rated HP out due to excess heat from Excitation currents which are much higher than this frequency r
I suppose it should work but like all generators it relies on the magnetic field shifting relative to the coil. If you could move it around the Earths poles 50 or 60 times a second you could be on to something. If you rotate the coil by other means you are only converting that energy to electricity. Brian.
It might work but I would doubt it. What it is trying to explain is: the speed of an AC motor, such as used in the small pumps, isn't proportional to the voltage you connect them to. They work by spinning a fixed magnet in an alternating magnetic field, the speed at which it spins is directly related to the rate at which the current alternates.
The basic system is that if you apply a pulse to a coil, the motor steps 360/64 ~ 5.7 degrees. On removal of the pulse there is a magnetic holding force. The pulse must not be too short or there is not enough power to get the rotar to jump to the next mag, holding position, extending the pulse does increase the magnetic holding force. If the (...)
How many wires are coming out of the motor?. Has got a permanent magnetic field? If the motor has a permanent magnet in it, it will produce a voltage directly in proportion to its speed. If there are no magnets, then it will rely on the actual output current to produce the magnetic field, so loading it with a resistor will (...)
1) A solid state relay rated at 5Amps or more 2) A magnetic relay rated at 5 amps or more, inductive load.
why donot you use a 12v dc motor . i think that would be the easiest way . and if you have to buy one from scratch reverse engineer a cordless drill 12v motor or wiper motor of a car You need electrical power to make magnetic field, to avoid that he use permanent magnets I suppose Neodymium magnets which wil
I had used Servo motor for last two years. Got it from mmy Epson Dot Matrix printer ( 4 pin ) and Western Digital Hard Drive ( 3 Pin ) I burn my ICs as I did not care for Back EMF, the magnetic flex generated inside the motors. I learnt to use Diode ( rectifier ) protection on each pin before connecting with IC. Do you (...)
hello, In industries, it's common to use Solid state relay to drive heaters but power relay to drive AC motor, mainly for safety reason even after power relay you use a Power unit to control the speed.. and a thermal-magnetic tri phases breaker (disjoncteur) , calibrated on 1,2 x times nominal Intensity to protect the motor.
The direction of the motor is due to the interaction of the fixed magnetic field and the magnetic field in the armature (rotating part) which is caused by your current flow. So you reverse the current and the direction of the motor reverses. Frank