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This request is for a track 1,2,3 magnetic card reader that collects/stores all 3 tracks of data. -The magnetic head and magnetic stripe will be ISO and 75 to 210 BPI, alphanumeric. -Speed: card speed through the unit may vary from 3 ~1000 ips -If possible, I would like (...)
I did a search for build a magnetic stripe reader and got many results. One such is this.
Hello, Nowaday, we are going to design an IC chip for magnetic-stripe card reader(e.g credit card reader). So I must understand the any aspect of the megnetic-stripe card, but the data for it is quite less. At present, I only know the basic structure of (...)
I am looking for help concerning a door lock control project using magnetic cards. I need this PIC program constructed first then , I am going to be programming my basic stamp to receive ascII data and decoding it To unlock the door, but the basic stamp cannot do all this I will need the 12C509a to decode the stripe first. Take a look (...)