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Hi Im searching for job in malaysia for analog circuit design which covers mipi and pcie based projects. Can anyone provide me the list of companies doing those in malaysia or singapore location. Or anyone working in those companies has vacancies for 5yrs experienced candiate. Thanks
We are now actively looking for the right candidates for the following positions for those who have experience more than 3 years. The company is located in Kuala Lumpur in malaysia. 1) PDK Engineer 2) Digital IC Design_Verification Engineer (RLT & DV) 3) Analog_Mixed-Signal IC Design Engineer 4) Place and Route Engineer 5) Memory Compiler
Hi ,VLSI Openings in All domains :Analog/Digital/Mixed Signal Front end and Backend From 2years to 7years. Location :malaysia .Interested candidates send their cvs to along with current and expected CTC. Thanks, SBM.
Hi guys, Intel malaysia is hiring experienced candidates to fill up some of the positions. Kindly send me your resume to Below are the job descriptions for your reference. In this position, you will be a member of the Mixed Signal IP design team developing next generation IP in deep submicron process fo
Region restrict: from version 1137B06SIM900A32_ST, operation in the countries listed in the table below are supported. China India Singapore malaysia Thailand Indonesia Cambodia Vietnam Laos Burma Brunei Philippines East Timor Some people say it may be possibl
I am in need of at least 250 of each of the following Xilinx parts and looks like I will have to purchase from outside the US. Can someone who has personal experience with purchasing from HK, SK or malaysia, please provide some personal experiences and with whom they were with. XCS05-3VQ100 QFP or XCS30-3VQ100 QFP AND XC18V512SO20 or
Pan-International Wire & Cable (malaysia) Sdn Bhd has become the specialist of wire & cable manufacturing for the telecommunication, computer, internet & multimedia industries in the global market. Our range of wire & cable products includes Coaxial cable, Hook Up wire, Speaker wire, USB cable, Multipair cable, Coil cable and Flexible wire. Und
don't they have something called "the internet" over in India? India, Indonesia, malaysia, Singapore, Thailand Rogers Technologies Singapore, Inc. 60 Kaki Bukit Place #03-16 Eunos Techpark Singapore415979 Phone: 65-6747-3521 Fax: 65-6747-7425
Hello. i'm from malaysia, first of all, i am sorry because im not so good in english, but i really need somebody else help me. Anybody here can help me with programming for 5x7 dot matrix to show the temperature from heat senson input? thank you..
Why are they paying you in USD? You are not from malaysia, are you?
Hi. Im malaysia students. I going to complete my degree by this end of month. But I very interest in studying. So i planned to continue my studies. Now i currently having 3.77 CGPA (over 4). In malaysia for this CGPA direct can skip master and can do PHD. I confused alot in choosing University and title since I lack of experience. please someone gu
There's rainfall rates, which are mm/hr. When you see a percentage it is usually referring to the % of the year that that rate is exceeded, for instance a given area may exceed 20 mm/hr, 0.1% of the time during the year. tnx to much pstuckey:: could you help me please to get rainfall map for certain country such as
Hi, Is anyone know how is the salary for RF Hardware Design Engineer in malaysia for fresh graduate, engineers with 3 years experience , or RF experts?
malaysia. Position will be located in malaysia, KL and Taiwan, Hshin chu science park.
I am from Bangladesh and will go to malaysia next month. I want to buy Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter and some microcontroller there in Kualalampur but don't know where is the parts market situated. :( Please help me by giving address to the parts market where I will be able to buy Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Pickit , microcontroller etc..... Pl
HI all, I'm looking for FPGA designer especially from malaysia. If anyone interested please contact me via immediately -Altera De 2 board -Verilog code thank
hello sir , I'm from one of university at malaysia.I find about you i internet.I need to do a project "brainwave pattern Recognition". which i need to classify whether the eegdata is belong to which rhythm.I just need to build a simple programme. This is my coding so far...could you help me to guide...please sir :( EEG=xlsread('eeg.xls');
Hello, I'm fairly new in this forum. I need help to design a PIC microcontroller circuit with programming. Details will be reveal later. Can someone recommend a good and reliable electronic design company in malaysia to me? Thank you.
Hi all, I am going to graduate in few months time, and intend to specialize in RF design. I heard that it is better to start with RFIC design, then only proceed to RF system/transceiver design. I know there are Mini Circuits, Avago & Motorola doing RFIC design in malaysia. For RF system design, there are Motorola & Agilent. Correct
i want to do FPGA project design based on verilog code using altera DE 2 board? any freelance from malaysia can help me..plzz