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Actually I forgot to add one more thing I am using speakers with buit in power supply and amplifier. I have recently been working on something similar. I sampled at 11k2 8bit and wrote a PC app to package the audio files into a hex file for uploading into a serial flash memory of 32Mb. I was looking to have a
Hiiiiiii I need to know about fire detection sensors, their cost and from where i can get them. I am doing a small project so the sensor must be cost effective. please give me a reply if you have any idea fire sensor for protecting equipment, building or forest?? thermistor can be used to sense the rise of
Dear mandar, I believe you can use that frequency for Wireless Transceiver. it is not licensees. If i am not wrong then I believe you must need this TxRx for Wireless Robotics Vehicle. You can find out some good vendor who sell this kind of transceiver. it may be TI or other vendor. It may cost some what high you will order it from US or
#define MOSI P2_2 #define SPI_CLK P2_5 #define STROBE P2_6 #define MASTER_RESET P2_7 this is the way. Once defined, use the name (for ex: MOSI) where u want. Regards mandar
Dear Mr.mandar, Thanks for the response. Could you please share the program. It would provide me clues / directions to develop it further and match to my requirement. Thx :D
Hi! Everybody I am using philips 89lpc936 Ic & I need the programmer ckt for the same. If somebody knows,Plz help me. mandar
Hello everyone, I am in search of a microcontroller capable of transmitting data at 4 Mbps through its UART. First of all is it possible to transmit data at such a high rate via UART, if possible can anyone help me selecting a microcontroller. Thank you. I am not answering your question. But, could you think 2
Hi mandar, I assume you're considering a differential amplifier here, due to approximations and assumptions made theoretically (considering a small input signal) your gain should be constant over all input range, as long as you're working far from the saturation and cut-off edges for your amplifier. If this isn't quite what you were expecting