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hello everyone son i have designed a fractal antenna with my HFSSv13, but when validate it it keeps saying "Non-manifold vertices found for part Patch". I've tried to upgrade it to v15 but didn't help. And I try to use Heal from Modeler, the problem is only in the vertices that links the left patch (of the first iteration) with base patch an
I got something similar in the past. Non-manifold means the new geometry can't physically exist. The unification screwed up some normalcy checks, perhaps surface area or volume calculation. Sometimes it is sufficient to use 'Modeler->Model Preparation->Heal' on the object. For more insight and solutions
Hi Guys, I am getting a non manifold edges error in HFSS when I unite objects in my design. If I dont unite them I get objects are intersecting error The problem is I cannot change the design as it has been imported from CST. Is there any way around to this?
Importing 3D cad from other tools while possible often fails for many reasons. The non-manifold error suggests that there is a discrepancy in the import. You may be able to repair it by redrawing the offending components. There are "healing" features in HFSS that may help but I have usually had little success with them. It is possible to conver
I am trying to design a dual band cavity antenna based on substrate integrated waveguide technology. I have designed the antenna using hfss and when I try to simulate it I get the error that "non manifold edges found for 3 objects". Please help me to solve this problem by eliminating the said error. Prompt help will be appreciated. I hereby also at
Hi, I created a corrugated horn antenna model and I was trying to validate it but there is an error message "non manifold edges found for corrugated". I have tried to fix this issue using the solutions available in previous threads but its not working. Please help me! Thank you very much! Model file is attached.
Hello, I need some help regarding my design. I keep on getting 'non manifold edges found' error on my design. I've been searching everywhere and have referred to previous post regarding this matter but still nothing changed. Can someone help me to have a look at it please? Thanks117744
Hi all! I'm a new-baby in using HFSS. I have a problem when creating a design of horn antenna. And I'm getting a error "Non-manifold edges found for part...". I don't know how to solve this problem. I will really appreciate your comments.
First of all, you are trying to use HFSS 11. ANSYS is now up to HFSS 15. I would suggest you upgrade your version as there have been many updates to the modeler over the years. Secondly, a non-manifold error occurs when some part of your object somehow intersects with another part of your object. It's a rather complicated mess to be in. I suggest y
Hi all, I'm trying to use HFSS to create my 3D model and I was trying to validate it but there is a error message "non manifold edges found in GroundPlane" what does it means? Here by I attach my design model using HFSS Thanks in Advance! 84301
Hi, I am trying to design Minkowski island based fractal patch antenna in HFSS ver 10. When I substract the Patch from the fractal the error " Non-manifold vertices found for part Patch " is displayed while validating. How can we resolve this issue. any help will be appreciated. The picture of the antenna is attached. [url=obrazki.elek
Hi, I am currently working through validating my device design and am confronted with the error message "Non-manifold edges found for part..." I understand the definition of this message and have read that to overcome this problem, I ned to ensure the components overlap so they can be united/intersected. I have a series of Aluminium components alon
Non-manifold means that some geometries have mixed dimensions and cannot be manufactured. In your case you have a 3D object which touches itself at a point or edge, look at the picture bellow: 61993 61994 Your circular tubes are to close to the the middle tube.Try to expand the the thin edge
How should i create the manifold table for arbitrary array? array factor is given as AF(Θ,φ)=exp(jβ(x*sinΘcosφ+y*sinΘsinφ)) Θ=elevation φ=azimuth for creating manifold for azimuth, i keep Θ=90, but when elevation manifold is created, if i keep φ=0, y component goes off, when (...)
Hello frenz I have designed a tunable BPF having tunable posts providing passband(0.8 dB insertion maximum) with constant bandwidth of 16MHz from 1.7 GHz to 2.6 GHz. There is some problem arising that non manifold edges are found in part if I am keeping air cloned waveguide interior. if I am using clonless interior(hollow one), then no err
I am using HFSS v. 9. I tried to design a dipole antena but getting "non-manifold edges found" error, can somebody help me in simple words bcz i am new in this regard.Thanx
Hi, Do you know about manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor? What type of its output waveform? I have known it produce a voltage proportional with pressure. It's right? What is it limit output voltage? Can PIC microcontroller(PIC16F877) use this signal directly from sensor? Is it need any circuit? Zaw
In this theory of general relativity, spacetime is treated as a 4-dimensional Lorentzian manifold which is curved by the presence of mass, energy, and momentum (or stress-energy) within it. The relationship between stress-energy and the curvature of spacetime is governed by the Einstein field equations. The motion of objects being influenced solely
Go grab a book of "Differential Geometry" (just basics, not about manifold). Your question can be answered by the first one or two chapters.
Hi. I am new to HFSS and am encountering the following problem. I am modeling two cascaded cavities and am getting the following error. 'Non-manifold edges found for ...'. I have narrowed the problem to the point that I have removed all the walls except for a vertical plate attaching at the center of a a horizontal plate. I am still getting t