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Hi, I am using hfss-13 and could not find some detailed help how to used this software. I have got manual for hfss-10 but there are some differences which are not addressed in that (being manual of old version). Can anyone guide me to manual/help of hfss-13 which can (...)
Looking at the example given by hfss manual, I can see a ring around the inductor acting as a gnd reference for the port, but it is not connected to the actual gnd underneath(below the silicon), so how does it work? Should the ring be connected to the gnd below in the actual
I think there's an example in the manual of analyzing a cavity with the Eigenmode solver. It might be worth looking at that. Dave
In the manual for hfss 14, which Ansys have not updated since version 11, there is an example of a conical horn antenna. (Pages 5.2-1 to 5.2-18). I've tried to do this example, but have hit a couple of problems. One of which is that the results I get for the radiation plot are not the same as in the example. I'm not sure if (...)
Can you plz give me link to download hfss and any manual for its use.. Like most other EM simulators, hfss is a payed product. You can contact sales for an evaluation version: C
I want to perform optical simulation using hfss. In this simulation i want to find out how much light/incident wave is absorbed by a SWCNT(single walled carbon nano tube) or any general solar cell structure. So is there a hfss manual or tutorial for optical simulation seperately. Please reply.
I'm using hfss 14, and are trying to do example 5.5 (Endfire Waveguide Array) in the examples sections. But I have various issues, at least some of which I suspect are due to the fact the manual for hfss has not been updated since version 11.1 of hfss - the manual is now over 3 years old (...)
Dear, If you go through the attached hfss tutorial, it will become easy for you to work and design the required antenna. It will also help you to completely understand the simulation software.I recommend you to first read the manual and then try. IF you stuck somewhere you can ask. Regards, Arxlan
There seem to be several examples in the hfss user manual and around the web on using hfss with the default FEM solver based on the PDE form of Maxwell's Equations. But I can't seem to find much on the use of the optional hfss-IE, which is based on the Method of Moments and so more suited (...)
Hello Everyone I have chosen this project :DESIGN OF A HIGH-GAIN CAVITY-BACKED SLOT ANTENNA WITH MUSHROOM CELLS AND BENT GROUND WALLS . . . I donot know hfss software i read the user guide manual v10 and designned slot patch antenna Can u please tell me how to design for our required parameters and how to design mushroom cells i need to (...)
I've been trying to do some of the hfss tutorials, but like many others seem to struggle with hfss ports. I think part of the problem might be the fact the code has changed, but the documentation has not. Unless I'm mistaken, the lastest manual is for version 11.1 which is a PDF dated 20th Fed 2009. This is based on (...)
Does anybody have any experience importing hfss antenna patterns into Satellite Toolkit, or any other external antenna files for that matter? I've followed the STK manual exactly and tried a few different iterations, however the best I can get is a pattern that resembles mine however it is cut in half.
I thing you can find an example in its manual
I remember that hfss attached a manual that describe how to plot pattern in step by step.
Hi Can you post this "manual"? or something so we can compare the results and structure with your hfss file. Thanks
Hi all, I am starting to work with hfss to design inductors. From the manual, the design steps seem to be complicated for me. I don't know if hfss provides some specific tools or package to simplify drawing and analyzing inductors ?? Best regards, DYL:D
Make sure you use the proper impedance definition for microstrip i.e. Zp. Please check it in the manual. when you use ABCD matrix, make sure you used the proper length.
fix phi at 0 deg and then 90 deg and plot theta from 0 to 360 (or the range of interest). Read the manual if you need more details.
Hello If possible can anyone please send me a link or upload a manual that teaches how to control (operate) hfss ver 11 with MATLAB especially in pre-processing (geometry set-up, material assignment and running simulation)? Thanks
IE3D have a very detailed manual .hfss have a many workshops,in their site.