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CAN is not very high speed, so normal I/O pins on the FPGA (GPIO) can be used, but the FPGA pins are not electrically compatible with the CAN bus. Each controller needs an external CAN transceiver. It is not a problem to fit 4 CAN controllers in an FPGA. Search for "SN65HVD230" on Aliexpress or Ebay and you will find many boards that will solve th
I believe there's no single chip transceiver for 3.5 GHz, because it isn't a license-free communication band. You find many single chip solutions e.g. for 2.45 GHz. A straightforward solution would be to refer to a sofware defined radio platform, e.g. HackRF One or Rad1o.
Article is published in Ham Radio september 1974 1296MHz SSB transceiver page 8. This is a source of many articles or scheme that VA3IUL used.
many synthesizer generators are capable of fast frequency hopping, e.g. radio transceiver chips. The detail specification matters however, step size as well as settling time.
if you have wired 10baseT you can connect to many embedded systems, e.g. Microchip there is the PIC18F97J60 with onboard 10baseT or PIC32s with onbard 10/100baseT or PIC24/dsPIC with an external Ethernet transceiver such as the ENC28J60
what modulation are you using in the 2.4 ghz module? There are many nuances to multiplying a signal in frequency.
That module operates at 2.4GHz at 9600bps using a proprietary frequency hopping system. I do not think any smartphones that could directly receive a signal from that module. many smartphones have 2.4GHz radio's for wifi and bluetooth but I don't think they are compatible with the protocol used by that module. Without connecting extra hardware to
Hello all, recently I've been looking for wireless transceiver modules to interface with an MCU (atmel UC3C series) for sending telemetry at a high data rate (like 5Mbaud or more) at short distance (maybe 20m max). Previously I had used a nRF24L01 module and was able to get about ~1Mbaud throughput. Now I've looked at many 802.11 wifi modules (Xbee
For Sale: Loaded Elecraft K3 and P3 panadapter with many options including the second receiver and antenna tuner. It was a kit but expertly assembled and it works and looks great. Below is the complete list of options: K3/100 - 100w transceiver ......KBPF3 - gen coverage bandpass filter KDVR3 - digital voice recorder......KFL3A-500 - 500hz cw
ah.. thats new. gotta lay my hands on those. but on second thought , will stick with old school Yes, there are many possible reasons to use transceiver chips with a microcontroller of your choice.
Hello, The VSWR of an antenna only depends on that antenna, so if the transmitter's output impedance changes, VSWR should not change. Sometimes VSWR becomes worse due to increased harmonic (or spurious) production of the final power stage. Also many VSWR indicators show too optimistic VSWR values at low power, because of the diode voltage drop
Friends, How can I send serial data via 433Mhz responsively ? Because I need to send so many characters before my uC responded the speed is 2400 baud Thanks Putty screenshot : 77292
Hi, I have about 100 transmitter/receiver (Not transceiver) pairs transmitting at same frequency and i want to interface each Receiver to a pic micro controller. the transmitter is also connected to a pic micro controller and sending a unique code but the transmitter frequency is same, now the definite problem is the interference is there any way
It depends on the FPGA. many of them allow you to define an I/O as LVDS, but you need to have the proper I/O voltage. It's not a question of your transceiver being compatible, it's a question of your FPGA being compatible!
hi friends, i'm using max485 to transmit data serially. and i wanna send and receive data to more than 250 device. can i do with out repeater. i tried this with 3 device, so i didn't put any repeater. help me when you come to know about this.
Hi All, I am trying to interface two computers (wireless) using rs232(Null Modem). Wired connection works fine (Transfer of files working between two computers)!! But there are many issues with wireless transmission I am using TWS434A and RWS434A for RF transmission. I have connected the transmit pin of RS
Depending on type of communication, in many cases is a simple receiver enough if you have a antenna with high gain. For weather satellites can you buy cheap receiver kits which connects to PC sound-card. High antenna gain => narrow lobe => Tracking helps to keep contact a bit longer time. many LEO satellites communicate in a narrow band mode and is
hi there are many possible ways to do the same before that, which MCU you are using? ml
The CAN module is interfaced to the CAN bus using a transceiver. So it is the transceiver that matters. Decreasing the bit rate allows for longer network distance. 500m at 125kbits/s is possible. You would have to try out a system at 1000m and see what results you get. If you get too many errors, you could use a repeater half way down (...)
many basic blocks in simulink are supported for HDL conversion , else write an embedded code in an embedded block function
Hello everyone, I need to make a project to exchange a string between 2 transceiver chips. I have 2 sample chips from silicon labs - SI4431 - 433 MHz transceiver. The chip has SPI interface. Can anyone guide me how I can do this ? I am new to this field. many thanks in advace...
From the example characters of the errors, it appears to be a single bit error. Usually this is caused by either a poor ground connection, a signal level issue, or using a RS232 hack rather than a real transceiver chip. Scope the RS232 levels out of the GPS, are they good true RS232 levels? many modern devices only drive to +-3V rather than +
I came to know that many are working for multi-giga range receiver.That can detect a wide range of frequencies.Ex: CDMA,GSM,UMTSetc. Also to release this they are using MEMS components. I think this might direct u towards ur target. Thanks,
In fact, such question can be found in many rf books.
You should start off with a serial communication, example RS232. It is easy to work with, and gives you maximum control. Conversion to USB communication is easy in a later stage, using RS232 to USB converter or IC level FT232 USB chip. There are many other type USB chip in the market, you may try searching for keyword "USB transceiver IC".
hi every one i have an MT8889C and i need to transmit DTMF tones. i tried many thinks but i can´t generate any tones :( There is anyone who has C routine to controle this transceiver... Thanks for the help.
In my opinion doesn?t matter how many rows you are using for the display, when actually the most important part of the transceiver is the RF circuit. If you want to update the radio to 2006 technology probably you have to start with that part.
many bluetooth-usb adapters are made using single chip sollutions, such as SIW3000 from RFMD. In this case you won't be able to do such an operation. Open your adapter and see what's inside. /pisoiu
Hello, many low cost ism transceiver support OOK , ASK and FSK. can we make MSK modulation with these chips even if it'n not clearly specified in the data sheet. I saw in some book that MSK is a special cas of FSK with DF=datarate/2. Is a modem that support GFSK can modulate and demodulate in GMSK ? Sincerely
Hi, there, I'm going to design an adaptor board connecting a SFP fibre transceiver (2.5Gb) to a SMA or SATA type connector. Since the trace of 2.5Gb signal will be under 1 inch, I wonder if the impendence of the 4-layer PCB still needs to be carefully matched or general fabrication should be fine? many thanks
Low IF and Zero IF are both the popular architectures in moder RF transceiver, these two are considered carefully in many aspects. But, I don't realize that in the two architectures, which one needs more DSP effort and consumes more digital resources. Please give me some ideas or reference to let me get more sense about this. Thanks,
Most likely to separate your circuit from port's data lines, but I don't see many advantages of doing so. A buffer IC (such as 74HC/LS245, this answers your 2-nd question, it is 8-bit non-inverting bus transceiver) will not protect PPort unless you use transient voltage suppressor on each data line or use optical isolation ..
I've received some PIC18F2550 samples from Microchip. In another time I've used FTDI USB transceiver in order to implement USB slave device. It was too easy. In this case there are many register to handle. Can anybody show me any example?. I'm using now CCS compiler. Thanks in advance.
If you can access, you will find many papers on RF transveivers for WLAN 802.11b. Another method is to search them on Google, Intersil and Maxim have their solutions for 802.11b.
feiutm9898, Here are not too many things to say. Super-regenerative receiver was invented 50 years ago, and the transmitter is a simple modulated oscillator. A very close schematic (using a crystal on the TX path) was published while ago in Elektor. This is the link: regards
a lot of fft code is avaliable in many website, just search it, Yo!
There are many chips used for implementing FSK transceiver functions such as HRF-ROC093XC and TRF6900A
I want to make a remote controller for a robot. I need no chips, i need modules, with an input, an antenna output and a power supply input. But many thanks for the help.
Hi, How knows how many receive channels in wireless CDMA phone? I was told there are 2 receive channels and one transmit channel in MOST GSM and CDMA phone set. the reason there are 2 receive channels is that One is regular receiver, and the second is for detection of multiuser and power control purpose. Does anybody know such architecture
Questions: -speed requirements ? -security ? -power consumption requirements ? -data or voice (i guess data because of -51) -price target ? And of course it must be legal. Frequency bands are country dependant. Perhaps some of the ISM-bands will do ? many manufacturers exists. Serial interface is convenient to use and there are ready mad
:o Please visit agilent site,there are many examples.
I knew that many transceiver chips has implemented on-chip. But if some simple transmitter with high data rate, you should take care the sideband of the transmit spectrum.
You may found many IC for UNII band in w* Diplexer ? Do you want use Full Duplex in this band ? Good diplexer is very expensive! Good luck!