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Hi, I have an existing design where an SRAM is being used. I would like to know if it is possible to replace it with another part number? Both specs are mostly matching. The row and column decoders are but mapped differently to address lines.But total memory size is same.I think the aspect ratios are different. But i think even if the addr
Does anyone have experience using IDA to disassemble images for the Intel 87C196 family of processors? I have a 32KB ROM for an 87C196KD and I'm getting strange results -- IDA seems to sometimes be disassembling data as code, for example. From what I've read in the user's manual, the ROM is mapped in at 0x2000, with the reset vector at 0x2080. M
Also that device uses PPS so you need to make sure that you have mapped the signals to the pins correctly. For SPI peripherals without PPS, you sometimes also need to map the SCK single as both an input and an output to the same pin. Also look out for the 'standard' problems of making sure the pins are in 'digital' (and not 'analog') mode etc.. Sus
If I have std_logic_vectors say 100101010 and 001101111 and they are port mapped to the lpm_add or lpm_mult, they are just bits. If we add them we add them per bit, if we subtract them we take 2's complement of the other. If we multiply them, we multiply them per bit and then sum all the per bit multiplication results. I am not sure where ex
Can we transfer the source code written in C to Beaglebone in some efficient way ? Is there some way out to reduce the development timeline ? :thinker: Obviously all the I/O has to be mapped or some reworks can be expected.
You could think about using a parabolic hornet over the piezo capsule in order to provide better directivity to the sound wave. In addition you need somehow performs a pre-calibrate process to determine the boundary of the region on which it is soposed to be mapped.
Hi. Now I'm trying to compile with VHDL files. but I got some error messages when I compiled with that VHDL file. Does anyone know how to handle of this? library unisim; | ncvhdl_p: *E,LIBNOM (koko_fifo_exdes.vhd,68|13): logical library name must be mapped to design library use unisim.vcomponents.all; | ncv
The "AXI4-Stream FIFO" is used to communicate with some other block that has an AXI4 stream interface. The "AXI Memory mapped to Stream Mapper" must be used in pairs. They communicate between each other with an AXI4 stream interface but the interface to other blocks is memory mapped in both ends. It is only an "extension".
Possibly but a more universal way would be to use: if(TEMP & 0x08) The PIC16F?s instruction set provides (individual) bit mapped access to I/O ports, so the code in post #1 could reach the same result, but I fully agree with you that in order to turn the whole code portable to other cores without this
2. *** You should study the vc707 Evaluation board 'User Guide' carefully. *** For the time being, you may ignore the 'clock source pin'. What is important is the 'FPGA Pin'. Your clock port in the top-level RTL should be mapped correctly to the 'FPGA Pin' in the XDC file. 1. create_clock -period [get_ports
I am so much confused while configuring the "axi memory mapped to PCIe" core in vivado design suite. how to decide the no of bars in the tab: pcie: bars and also in AXI: BARS. please look in the figure128681 please be more specific, Dumb is sitting here if possible give some notes, other than the xilinx pdf.
Depending on the device you are using, EEPROMs can be mapped into the program space (e.g. the PIC24F08KL402 family of devices) and the commands to put data into the EEPROM space are the same as to write to the FLASH memory normally used for program instructions. (The main difference is that the FLASH memory is intended to have a limited number of e
100 cores of what? Nios relies on the Avalon Bus - usually with the Nios acting as the master and other units connected via a memory mapped avalon interface. This way you can have any existing IP or any other IP you chose to design yourself (as avalon is a straight forward interface, very similar to AXI). NoC is usually a term used for Asic, not
I need to write only numbers (every second) in string on display (memory mapped on 0x8001 adress) which are divding with 2 . I must use counter not delay () for interrupt ... Below is code which i imagine but dont work correctly... PLEASE HELP #include #include typedef unsigned char byte; byte a= {
So just read a small story for getting my problem. I have to put minimal RTOS so i choose Chibios. Now i had Blue board which had LPC2148. But ChibiOs support wasn't for blue board but was for Olimex board which has same LPC2148. I had work with Uart and Led and the they were mapped to same pins of controller. So i asked my sir that it should not
What is Memory mapped IO and Port mapped IO with example?
Dear All, I am using RTL Compiler for scan synthesis.Even though i don't get any DFT violation, i am unable to connect the scan chains,I am getting following warning: Warning : Could not connect scan chains. : No registers are available to connect into scan chains. Mapping DFT logic introduced by scan chain connection...
Strictly speaking, the thread discussion is running off-topic since long as post #13 is the last one referring to VHDL records. Except for a few side remarks, the thread seems to miss a "synthesizable VHDL" perspective. Means, all these output(i) <= input(j) and similar constructs can be mapped to hardware, but will end up in a huge sea of gates
Hi all, I am using Libero IDE v9.1 (one year free version) which supports Synplify Pro E-2010 as synthesis tool. Synplify Pro has option to generate post-synthesis mapped VHDL netlist . Though i enabled optional output file check boxes (present in implementation results) to generate the corresponding VHDL netlist, it is not generating it. But, som
A "technology independent" netlist would be a RTL netlist, not yet mapped to hardware and not neccessarily mappable. What do you want to achieve with it?