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Hi, I learning SMPS design with help of tutorials. I found this book "Power Supplu Cookbook By marty brown". There is one example calculation for 65W SMPS construction. I try to understand the design & calculation, but now I need some help to understand this. The Example file & datasheet of the transformer core also attached here. From that
There are lot of material available over internet on this topic. I am suggesting you the books which I found useful (1 to 3 below). Also there are lot of application notes - 4 to 6 are something which are very basic. Hopefully they will be helpful to you. 1. Power supply cookbook ,2nd edn, marty brown, EDN Series 2. Switching Power Supply Design,
hello im trying to design flyback transformer with marty brown book formulas . it has two formulas in CGS and MKS system as it says . ive just put same values in these two and getting different results . what im doing wrong? 107162
Hello, Is it a specific frequency, or is it a trace on a bode plot? In marty brown book he shows an RC circuit and shows bode plots for it and says it is a "pole"..........but what is a pole? Is the pole the frequency at which the voltage transfer function through the RC circuit goes down by 6dB?....or is the RC circuit itself a pole?.....or
Hi darkbloodshed, I'd suggest you to search in Internet for the book Power Supply Cookbook, from marty brown, it is an excellent book, here is explained all you need to know from a very basic perspective, with design examples included. Let me ask you, are you planning a variable power supply?
For high efficiency of the charger itself, use a switching power supply. For high efficiency charging, use 4-step (or 3-step) charging. A good start to switching power supplies would be to read marty brown's book "Power Supply Cookbook". For battery charging techniques/algorithms, check this out:
Dear Jammula. Hi I offer to you to read switching power supply design of Abraham pressman or switching power supply cook book of marty brown . Best lucks Goldsmith
Hi harii74, You would get the answers of your questions by referring to some books. 2 books you could refer to are: "Power Supply Cookbook" - marty brown "Switching Power Supplies Demystified" - Raymond Mack Jr You could use this site as well: Design of switch power supplies Hope this hel
Hi, These are taken from marty brown's "Power Supply Cookbook": Npri = (Vinnom * 10^8) / (4 *f * Bmax * Ac) Nsec = / (Vinmin * DCmax) f - frequency in Hz Bmax - flux density in gauss (webers/cm^2) Ac - effective core cross sectional area (cm^2) Vfwd - diode forward voltage in V Npri - primary no. of turns Nsec - secondary n
Such courses will not enable you to design a switching power supply professionally ( it will give you a solid knowledge about it); but the following 2 books will: Practical Switching Power Supply Design by marty brown Switchmode Power Supply Handbook by Keith Billings
Hi, You should go through a few books like "Power supply cookbook" by marty brown and you will be cleared about feedback loop compensation. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, You should go through "Power Supply Cookbook" by marty brown, and other books written by Raymon Mack Jnr, Ron Lenk, Abraham Pressman and Keith Billings. You should start with a useful book from Kolkatta - "Power Electronics Demystified" by Chandra Shekhar Roy. This is very useful book for SMPS starters. Be careful, there are some mistakes r
Hi, Good books include: 1) Power Electronics Demystified by Chandra Shekhar Roy 2) Power Supply Cookbook by marty brown 3) Books by Raymond Mack, Ron Lenk, Abraham Pressman and Keith Billing Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Here is a flyback example with a transformer winding calculation. It is from Practical switching Power Supply design By marty brown. Might help .... good luck dfullmer
I recall there is a good article by marty brown in the internet. Also try the EMC compliance website. They have a lot of good articles.