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Could you make a screenshot of your design? It's not entirely clear what you mean by "solder mask over layout of band pass filter".
Hello! I need help to label the ports in my layout. I use mentor graphics and I use this address to label the ports: Add->Text on Ports... In the window than appear, a push OK and the name of the ports appears in the layout but when I run the DRC, appear this error: Check GRText_M1 : Text is not allowed on design layers. I think than (...)
The layers' structure ("the layout") from the design tape for the mask lithography has to be changed up to the requirements of the OPC (Optical Proximity Correction) necessary to create "correct" structures with dimensions in the order of the used "light" (EUV) wavelength or below. This is achieved by complex and CPU-time-consuming compu
I'd like to know what does a physical design engineer do? If I'm not mistaken, structural physical design --> digital back-end analog physical design --> analog layout so, physical design --> both digital and analog layout? What about mask layout (...)
Hi, You can refer IC mask design and Art of Analog layout books. Thanks, Basu
IC mask design: Essential layout Techniques
The principles behind different ESD protection schemes must be fully understood as well as various ESD schemes that aim to create low impedance discharge paths to shunt ESD transients, clamp the pad voltages to sufficiently low levels and techniques that limit ESD currents from reaching the core. IC mask design?s new ESD course aims to fully exp
Hi All, I need to find the IC mask design Essential layout techniques ebook. Anyone can help? Thanks
Hi, I am looking for a company who can provide between 6 to 8 layout engineers for 6 to 12 months. The company must have its own IT & Cadence infrastructure, and the layout engineers must be Cadence and 65nm skilled. Essential skills are mixed-signal custom analouge layout. We will provide licences. Cost is a major consideration so I am (...)
An engineer who prepares the physical drawing(mask) of the transistors (circuits ) designed by the circuit designer. The layout(drawing,mask) that he prepares is sent for fabrication.
read: alan hastings: Art of Analog layout read: christopher saint: ic layout basics, ic mask design read: clein: cmos ic layout basics all available here. use search.
A mask sliver is a small sliver of mask that, because it is so small can flip over covering a pad etc during manufacture. I have experienced this many years ago & since then designed to have thicker/bigger slithers so that it did not happen. AFAIK the dimensions need sorting with your FAB.
Few questions on mask slivers and solder bridge on layout design. 1. What is the basic difference between above two? 2. What are the causes of above two in terms of PCB manufacturability? 3. Is there any specific guideline for above two? 4. How above two forms on PCB? 5. How to determine above two values on design? (...)
There are some standard processes where the thickness is pre-defined and you can cot change it. For example PolyMUMPs process, which is a very stable process with fixed width of different layers. Just check for what process they have mentioned. Usually in the gds the layout for the mask for etching different layers are mentioned. In your case, I su
Many issues addressed already. erikl was right to say about parasitic resistance and capacitance separately. But if you're considering effective RC, I think increasing fingers help , so long as you're not space constraint. So I think, 6 fingers with 4u/0.2 is better.
i have completed the patch antenna design in ADS layout i want to fabricate the antenna.i want to print the mask of the design in the specified dimension(5cmx5cm).but i am not able to able print the same dimension as in the design.whether any software available to print the same dimension as in (...)
I have some suggestions: GDS layer should be only number. CAD layer is name. It can be named by any name for your convenience. maskID is also name but it is defined by foundry.
The layout data coordinates should lay on a grid defined by the mask maker. Today typical 10nm or 5nm but depend. It will be checked before accepting GDS2 data. No way if not on the grid. Here a smart hint: Use for your own layout a greater grid. If you browse the design rules you can possible use a more unified (...)
what is the best program for drawing layout mask for digital design i use microwind but the microwind in the big design did't work well i need a program that draw layout and can convert it to CIF CODE, SPICE netlist, VHDL OR VERILOG CODE and extract parasitics ,and 3d view is there a program that (...)
Common guys and girls! Do you really believe that Hasting's book is the best point to start? Why? The Art of Analog layout, is an Encyclopedia, is not a beginners book! Judging from my start up and from the level I am currently, I believe that "IC mask design" of Saint & Saint is far the best book for a zero level (...)