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There's no master/slave and usually no jumper with SATA HDDs. and of course one SATA cable per drive. If there's any problem with disk or CD/DVD drives, I would primarly look at the HDD information given in the BIOS menu. How about the DVD drive, is it recognized? If so, did you try to connect the HDD in place of the DVD? (...)
Hi, Same thing happened with me. I resolved this issue by low level formatting. The issue was master Boot record (MBR) got over written. You can check and compare the hex data written in SD/MMC via different software's. Hopes this helps. One more thing did you pulled up the SPI bus? Enjoy!
Hi all. I have a RS485 network, with a PC as master and 10 slave controllers. PC is used to record temperatura information from controllers, and gathered in hard disk. Problem is sometimes information is lost in any controller (but just one of them). Time period of lost information is random (sometimes (...)
I think master boot record resides at sector 0 of the physical disk. THe volume boot record is at the sector 0 of the partition. THere can be more than one partitions on a phyiscal disk and each partition starts with a volume boot record. There is a utility called WinHexEditor. Using this, you can differentiate between (...)