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First of all this should have been posted in the ASIC design Methodologies and Tools (Digital) forum. Start with the ARM AHB spec first and understand it. A two master and two slave scenario is relatively simple. You must 1st understand how an arbiter (the arbiter decides which master has control of the slaves) and address decoder (th
Hello every body, I'm a master's student i need to design a MicrostripPatch antenna which worked in 60 GHZ. I can't find any tutorial about the millimeter bande 60 GHZ.I find just many articles. I need a tutorial which help me to design this type of antenna and to add all the dimensions of : Patch and Feed line and substrate and (...)
AWID, ARID, BID, and RID are used to distinguish transfers form each master. From the AXI spec C9.4 Multiple Exclusive Threads The protocol can support more than one Exclusive-capable master for each interface. This permits multiple masters to use the same interface for Exclusive accesses. In this scenario the interconnect must
MDK could mean Mentor design Kit or MOSIS design Kit, FDK may be Fraunhofer Desi
This can achieve if your master Slave interconnect (AXI Interconnect Bridge) design supports it.
Hey all I am going to pursue my master degree on Microelectronics and being specialized in design VLSI. I do not know which country I should choose to pursue my master Degree there. Which one is bether, USA, Canada, Germany, or Netherland. Any help would be appreciated
i want to make a design for AMBA 3 AHB-Lite Protocol i have the design for master and slave but i have a problem when i make the test bench the value of the HRDATA is do not care ,on the other hand the slave design return the correct value for HRDATA but the master does not, is there a special method to (...)
Mblaze is a master not a slave. The DMA can be a master for doing memory to memory transfers it is only a slave for the control interface. If you need to have the DMA transfer data to memory that the Mblaze has exclusive access to, you would use a shared memory for that, so both Mblaze and DMA are masters.
Hello everyone, I am master's student of micro/nano systems in Germany. My course is focused in Semiconductor technology and application. During studies I also did a student job in a company where I developed skills in EDA and design automation. I also have interest towards Analog/Mixed signal design, but I have basic experience with it. (...)
Obviously, these devices are not intended to be connected to multiple paralleled SPI interfaces. It's not even simple to implement by the way, would involve one interface in master and three in slave mode. Furthermore, who has 3 spare SPI interfaces in his ?C design? The devices are clearly intended to cooperate with dedicated QSPI interfaces, l
I'm currently working on making an I2C master module to work with a Spartan 6 FPGA. I'm rather new to Verilog and the process is just making my head hurt. I plan on having several modules instantiated within one another with values being passed every which way and I just cant visualize what I'm doing. It's making it nearly impossible to debug.
Urgent! I am looking for APB master design verilog code. Someone please help me to find the code? It will be a great help. Thank you!
Hi sztr, You need to do pretty much what HFSS is telling you to do: ensure that the floquet port is touching orthogonal master/Slave boundaries. There are some good tutorials included with HFSS that explain how to use Floquet ports.
100 cores of what? Nios relies on the Avalon Bus - usually with the Nios acting as the master and other units connected via a memory mapped avalon interface. This way you can have any existing IP or any other IP you chose to design yourself (as avalon is a straight forward interface, very similar to AXI). NoC is usually a term used for Asic, not
Are you using master/slave boundaries?
2 wire must be half duplex with MUX switch and master slave control. 4 wire may be full duplex and no Mux needed.
It seems they really want to motivate you to learn how to design with PIC with 1973 design constraints. I would create a master clock to derive all the output results being the lowest common multiple of all resolution , frequency and time constraints. 1. Measure period between pulses, T counting master clock pulses, fc (...)
Here's the schematic of an ECL-master-Slave-FlipFlop: 116180 You can use the D inputs as R/S inputs. Probably the master part (Q1 .. Q7) is enough for your purpose.
Using divided clocks is bad design practice, as said, but it doesn't cause problems for an isolated entity that doesn't interface with other design units as long as the divided clock is a glitch-free registered signal. To work as a SPI master, your design should be supplemented with a slave select ("SYNC") signal, (...)
Hi, I want to design a priority based arbiter to be used in an AXI4 N-to-M Interconnect (shared access Mode) which as multiple AXI4-Lite masters and slaves. In this env. one master will have the highest priority and this master will also enjoy default-grant. My idea is to make use of the arvalid and awvalid output (...)