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for example, let's say a circuit Part A is driving circuit Part B. part A has a resonance frequency of 2Mhz, part B has a resonance frequency of 1Mhz. The output from part A is a sine wave, having a 1Mhz frequency. At resonance frequency, part B's L cancel out C impedance so only left with 50 ohm resistor impedance. questions 1)How do I
50Ω impedance is not primarily for maximum power transfer, it's to match the transmission line impedance of the connecting cable to avoid signal reflections, The high impedance input is for where you don't want to significantly load the signal source and don't need to match a transmission line impedance. The high impedance in an oscilloscope
Audio circuits do not match impedances. Usually the input impedance of a preamp is much higher than the impedance of a microphone so that the level is not cut in half. A power amplifier has an output impedance of 0.04 ohms or less to drive an 8 ohm speaker. The very low impedance of the amplifier damps resonances in the speaker. Radio antennas are
The crossover circuit and the clipping detector circuit are poor quality "Mickey Mouse" circuits. A real active crossover circuit has a highpass section and a separate matching lowpass section. This circuit has a lowpass section then the highpass is "derived" and does not match which is bad. You want to use only the lowpass part then why not (...)
Thanks in advance. Can any tell me how to match analog circuits to 50 ohm line.. Lets say i have a differential buffer amplifier, and now i want to match the buffer to 50 ohm line. Effectively , gain=0dB, input impedance=100 ohm, output impedance=100 ohm and the Bandwidth is 100MHz. Let me share the circuit too..[/QUOT
If the frequency of operation is not too hig, you can use L-C circuits to match.It's easy to do this in ADS using with Smith Chart utility.. Define your Zopt and take the complex conjugate this impedance and the other will simply be 50 Ohm and bingo..!!
dear sir/madam what is the purpose for making the wall of cavity to reenter except increasing the bandwidth? All resonators utilize a resonant cavity and coupling(s) to external circuits.The reentrant resonators were designed to mechanically match to vacuum tubes, and to be easily manufactured as well as d
GALI-74+ of mini-circuits match closely with your requirement except frequency band is high !!!! do check it!!
Why need match Not all circuits do. Digital doesn't care, single ended amplifiers don't care. But matching is one of the few attributes of integrated technology that are superior to the best-available discrete transistor in the best (not the one-and-only-at-hand) technology, so these matching-centric techniques are used (...)
Under 1 (above) there is also inductive coupling. this is very popular at RF, where a tuned circuit has to be used, an additional few turns of wire around your main tuning inductor, and you have an impedance match and DC isolation. Most power supply units use inductive coupling with transformers to isolate the circuits from the mains and also to re
Wide band matching may be achievable or not, depending on the kind of circuit. It's generally wanted for high speed circuits but not absolutely necessary. For a detail discussion, you should tell your application and circuit kind.
As pico and others say, it depends on your design (and available components (copper wire, capacitors, etc) ). Finally it is just a matter of impedance match of two coupled resonating circuits Do you have to design the power amplifier also? If so, when it will be a switching amplifier, the load behavior for harmonics is very important to get good
Hello, I been reading the User manual of Spectre and came across dcmatch analysis. I tried using the dcmatch analysis on one of the circuit and straight off wasnt really sure how to use it and what purpose it might serve. Tried to read the manual further but didnt get anywhere. Anybody out there who can give some tips on the usefulness of dcm
The SPDT switch VSW2-33-10W+ from Mini-circuits can match your requirements.
Hey buddy Hi i think your duty cycles are not match. test both of your motors with one of your circuits. i think in this mode , their speed will alike. if your result is ok, so your duty cycles are not alike. All the best Goldsmith
Hi: everybody I am trying to simulate and design a matching circuit of PA in ADS environment. The procedure I am following is this firstly I simulate the schematic using MLIN, Term,MTAPER etc. ( and S2P if needed), also I put MSTEP here and there to cope with the step effect. Being aware of the fact that using MTEE is range limited, I create My
Class-E amplifiers don't work in such a way... They work always in switching mode so hard saturation mode, not linear or triode region etc... For these kind of amplifiers, finding an input matching network is not easy task but a "rough approximated" circuit will serve,no problem. Output L-C circuits are very important for efficiency,harmonic lev
I am trying to run the Optimizer Tool through ADE in order to match two simple RC circuits in frequency response. Setting the goals and variables as done in the methods shown in the User Guide, the Optimizer runs and prints Launching Algo Process... At this point the simulation locks up without errors or warnings. Looking for known solutions or cau
Is there any particular matching scheme which is followed for memoried and faster circuits.
hello, I need to use the 2F8725D a CATV amplifier in a final stage for a DVBT driver (about 20dBm power output in VHF and UHF band and so in two band from 170 to 230MHz and 470 to 860MHz). The Zin and Zout in our case is 50ohm while the CATV is 75ohm. According to you is it possible simple with a network matching (resistive at the input and reacti