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I am not sure which constraints you are referring to. It depends on which constraints you added/modified. If more pessimistic constraints were used during synthesis and if they were relaxed in Tempus, the results are bounded. If more optimistic constraints were used during synthesis, then a new netlist (...)
I'm trying to optimize an impedance transformer for the output of a narrowband RFPA. Let's presume I have an antenna impedance ZA and the output impedance of my amplifier is Zamp. I want my impedance transformer to present the optimum load impedance Zol to the amplifier. Zol, is not a conjugate match of Zamp; it's something different in orde
LVS checks if layout drawn is similar to schematic. A clean LVS means all the nets and pins are correctly connected and does not mean following: 1. That post layout results will be similar to those from schematic simulations. 2. Net current carrying capabilities, resistance and other constraints are followed. 3. matching is done in defined way.
Setting length constraints in altium ---------- Post added at 11:51 ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 ---------- I am new time altium user. Please guide me to put constraints for length matching. Plz upload any documents regarding that
if you have any matching or noise constraints then use guardring or else you can use substrate contacts wherever possible. Put as maximum as you can in your layout
Hello Every one, Can any one post the layout for differential pair , with common centerriod configuration. Or the complete layout with the detailed explanation of matching constraints and circuit. I have fair idea of matching and differential pairs. I am interested to make a script for it , to automate the layout for the differential (...)
1. No 2. Reduce metal resistance, VIA, Contact, diffusion resistance. 3. One of a challenge is EMI. Many LDO will be influenced if a mobile is dialing nearby. 4. matching, good load regulation
Hello I am new user for the Expedition.I want to know about the full flow. for schematic entry to Gerber Generation. Also I want to set some constraints,for Differentional Pairs length matching,width. So pls help me Thanks, suhas
max current over process, temperature, voltage corners matching key routing, parasitics, especially in high-frequency application.
Assumed the code has been written in any HDL language, you will - at least - need to recompile for the new architecture. You can do this using ISE. If you have used specific IP, than you are in trouble. You will need to find a matching function for the Spartan3 kit. And of course, the constraints file (that has the pin info) will need to match the
hi anoopk Analog layouts are more concerned about matching rather than area constraints. U have to keep in mind the current flowing in each path, critical devices, noisy devices,shielding required. interdigitation and common centroid techniques deal with the matching concept. I would suggest you to read "Art of analog layout" by (...)
Hi KaS, Take into account the Bode-Fano constraints, that limit the bandwidth over which you can get a given matching for a prescribed load. Regards Z

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