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I must be really stupid because I can't seem to find the answer online after a long time searching. My system consists of adc -> Decimation filter (matlab) -> DAC I got the adc , DAC , clkdiv all working with relative ease but I'm having troubles with a simple step. The adc / DAC is 12 bit , 2.048V reference . My (...)
Hi everyone! I have a slight problem here. I am basically trying to sample 200 analog values using the adc inside dspic30f2020 and then sending them via UART to a matlab program. The thing is, I am sending these 200 values to matlab only once (as far as my understanding goes, in my code for dsPIC30F2020 (...)
Hi all, I am now designing a 14bit SAR adc, at present, I have designed a prototype with ideal comp and sh. I run transient analysis with stop time 1s (10kS/s sampling rate), around 10000 samples, then I perform FFT analysis in matlab with window functions like hanning. However, large spectrum leakage appears and (...)
Your matlab simulation is probably faithfully passing the time-skews of the digital outputs (bit-to-bit, LH to HL) making there be transient, not-real-code states between the states. You can filter the output and watch the glitch energy be "soaked up" by capacitance, you can register the codes with an ideal register that provides ideal edge synch
I want to generate IQ Signal from the samples of Real adc. a. What are the steps to be followed? b. How much time it will take to IQ demodulation. c. Please provide if any sample matlab code is available for IQ demod and mod ?
hello everyone, how to connect adc block in the matlab simulink ??? , i want to connect sine wave genrator to adc and then fft and scope, im a beginner at matlab simulink , kindly help me, btw connecting sine wave generator to adc is not happening ,how to do that??? - - - (...)
Hello.I have an adc and I want to measure gain error,DND,INL by result is input voltage and output digital I need matlab code for measurement .please help me. thanks
Hi I have written matlab script for BPSK modulation. The way my code works is as follow: series of 0 and 1----> NRZ data (continuous rectangular pulses with amplitude -1 and 1)--->multiply by carrier----> add noise--> multiply by carrier---> integration--->detection---> Bit Error collection? I would like to know can
Hi All, This is my first adc and verifying it is proving to be more difficult then actually designing the subblock. I have been able to do a transient simulation in cadence (spectre) and have successfully imported the data into matlab. This is where I'm encountering most of my headache. 1) I'm new at (...)
hi i wanna to write a pipline adc code in matlab and i read theory of pipeline adc, but i dont know how to start. can u help me how to start? thanks
Hello. I've bought a student license for matlab and the main thing to explore was interfacing a ?C with matlab/simulink to be used as a platform for adc/DAC testing and a lot of other cool things. But after installing all support packages and trying to connect ta arduino(have tried Uno, (...)
Hello, I am working in the design of a low-pass CT Sigma-Delta adc and I need to simulate this CT modulator with SCR feedback DAC. how can I simulate this DAC in matlab/Simulink? Regards!
Hey i am using arduino duemilanove (atmega 328P). I am using 16 bit adc interfaced with SPI protocol and then sending data serially into my laptop(reading com port using matlab). problem is I am getting too few samples. I am expecting 500 samples per sec. So Now I want to store data into arduino memory(flash or EEPROM or RAM). EEPROM I (...)
Hi. Before start to design the SAR adc, i want to simulate the relationship between capacitor mismatches of CDAC and SAR adc using matlab. when capacitor mismatch ratio is 'sigma' and Cu is unit capacitance, plz check the equation and next matlab code capacitor (...)
Hi, I am using a 12-bit adc for analog to digital conversion. The adc itself supports SPI interface and i need to use a microcontroller to make this interface. Finally the digital data needs to be brought in matlab? I am toltally new to microcontrollers so i have some basic questions: a. Which microcontroller should i (...)
You can refer to Richard Schrier's book and his matlab toolbox.
We have designed an Oscilloscope using PC and Arduino Board. The signal is first of all fed to the Arduino Board where the analog signal is converted to a digital signal by the adc which is then serially outputted to the PC and is read by the matlab software via the COM ports. Here the signal is read in the form of digital (...)
Hi, i'm tring to plot data recieved from pic via serial port in matlab i used the followin code in matlab when i run the prog Error :"In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same. this is the line of the error voltage(count) = fscanf(s,'%f'); [AT
Need Basic 10-bit Pipeline adc matlab Code (Mathematical model). Please help me out its very urgent.
1. Try to extract digital 1 and 0 from Cadence simulation results. ..................... However, the transient simulation step is not fixed. 2. matlab has a counter in Simulink. It does not have clock input.Resample data by invoking a function,interp1q() in matlab. Ts = 1/fs; Nfft = 2^15; xstart = xdiscard