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I was expecting this then the best way is to export the results of simulations from CST and then plot them using matlab or any other software along with the measured results that will serve your purpose equally. I always follow this way .
I'm sure you can find something in matlab/Octave/Scilab. Had you already searched on the web by "polar plot radiation pattern" or in the Mathworks website ?
Hello all, I would like to research planar dipole antennas (microstrip fed) and cannot find any information on these on the internet with design equations. I am specifically looking to plot the radiation pattern in matlab. Any guidance would be great. Thanks
Hi Please, i'm reading a paper on a circularly polarized monopole antenna and the author has this results that i can't figure out how to generate. I sent him a mail asking about it and he said i have to extract some results from hfss and then write a code in (...)
Hello to all this matlab code was written to plot spiral antenna . and after import to cst can anyone help what to do this clear all N = 10; % number of full turns; step = pi/12; % discretization step (orig pi/6) b = 0.3; % separation between turns in mm a = b*step*4/(1-cos(step*4)); % offset from (...)
sir, i want to plot radiation patterns of rectangular patch antenna both in e-plane and h-plane using matlab. i tried my level best but was not able to make it out. im not getting correct plot..... model plot was to be as shown here..... plz help me. thanx94393
Hello guys, any1 can help me with this please I am stuck i have this formula Rr = 80(pie ^2) /(L/λ)^2 and i want to plot the radiation resistance for a very small antenna for 0.01matlab code anyone can help please
Hi, I am trying to write a matlab code to present the antenna pattern results in RHC and LHC polarization. I have the measured data for ETotal, EPhi and ETheta amplitude and phase for different theta and phi angles. I (...)
I wrote a program that can specify PEC area in antenna in 2D now i convert it to 3D and i want to show my matrix with color i di that in 2D with imagesc(E) but in 3D i dont know how do that !!??? every body know that ? i try plot3 , but plot a white screen for me !
Hello there, I want to simulate ridged horn antenna in the CST. I have an analytic equation that describes the ridges and I want the matlab will plot me the points that realize the equation and import them to the CST.How can I do it? TNX.
Hi, i am doing a project to simulate the radiation pattern of antenna in matlab. Can i get any code that can help me to plot the radiation pattern in E-plane and H-plane? thanks for help.:-D
I want matlab codes in 2D and 3D on antenas..for e.g yagi-uda and that for dolph chebyshev arrays..I want the polar plot and their magnitude plot..All i've got to do is optimise the patterns..thnx in adv.
By multiplying the array factor with the pattern of the wire antenna, you can get the pattern of the array. You can do this easy in matlab, and the code for the pattern of wire antenna and array factor can be easily found.
Hi there, I want to calculate directivity of the antenna in matlab. I have a matrix of 72*37 which are measured values in an anechoic chamber of radiation intensity at different values of theta and phy. The thing is i dont know matlab and its start of my project to (...)
in the book antenna and em modeling with matlab he used sphere for the radiation pattern plot of the antennas ,how to model that spher in matlab
hey can anyone help me please iam doing a matlab assginment about antenna arrays and what i wrote so far is N=8; t=-2*pi:0.001:2*pi; l=1; d=l/2; b=2*pi/l; Y=b*d*cos(t); A=(sin(N*(Y/2))./(N*sin(Y/2))); plot(t,A); polar(t,A); and it works but i need some one who (...)
Hello, I have some measurement results of an antenna saved in a text file. There are 6 columns of data (1.theta angle, 2.phi angle, 3.module and 4.phase-for copolar component; and 5.module and 6.phase-for crosspolar component) What I want to do is plot (...)
Hello, Yes, you can do it by using matlab,I've tried and I think that it works. If I understood well you want to plot your E-field or H-field or Gain (it is the same) as a function of phi and theta. you just have to plot A=f(theta,phi) what I suggest is to tranform your (...)
Hi all, I have to design a helical top load antenna using matlab. The only thing which I have got in my hands are the X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, and radius. how I will plot this antenna using plot3. After that I have to rotate the (...)
looking for the CDRom of this book: antenna and EM modeling with matlab