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Its better to go through the information given in Mathworks site the blog and if you have any difficulties do post on here
Hello! i am using the mbed LPC1768 microcontroller and i need to data log some calculated values from the program as well as data entering the analog input and leaving the output pins. i have tried interfacing with matlab but the program i got from the net only outputs 0-1 peaks while my sensor output is less than 0.5V. can (...)
You can test FIR versus IIR implementation in matlab. To get the same behaviour as in the microcontroller, you'll use a fixed-point simulation. You'll find out that for the given fs and fc values, a FIR implementation doesn't produce a reasonable frequency response below 100, better 200 taps, which gives a strong bias towards IIR, I think.
Hi, I am using a 12-bit ADC for analog to digital conversion. The ADC itself supports SPI interface and i need to use a microcontroller to make this interface. Finally the digital data needs to be brought in matlab? I am toltally new to microcontrollers so i have some basic questions: a. Which (...)
Many careers will specialize and not need all of these. For example, I make zero use of any of the 5-6 programming lanuguages I was taught; I use HDL every few years, have never touched a microcontroller or had to do my own PCB layouts. and while matlab might have been useful once or twice, I found it easier to schmooze an (...)
Hi If you have any matlab based simulation projects to implement and 8 bit microcontroller (PIC16,AVR etc) projects please contact me in the following mail id glad to help with reasonable compensation. Contact: SARATH HARI Email:
surerly first u want to do the voice recognition or processing in ur pC matlab will be good tool to do that once u have the idea how its work and once u did the simulation further u can implement it in micro controller
Hi, I am also working on such project. Initially I started it by using matlab and simulink; now I am trying to implement it with PIC18f252 using RTOS (UCOS-2). But this projects needs a lot of time and lot of reading. If you are a beginner to DSP based system you must have a very clear understanding of sampling, convolution (...)
Hi everyone, Which method is best for image processing . I had worked on image processing robot , in which I used matlab. matlab is slow while communicating with microcontroller. Is image processing using 'open cv' best than matlab? If you know any other method plz tell me, and which one is better.
generally, if we write code for embedded systems, the basic one we write code in keil c and we will program to the corresponding microcontroller. But whereas for signal processing and image processing and communication systems, we are going to write the code in matlab. But i want to know, are the (...)
The error message you are receiving could be due to several reasons, however without examining your code I would just be guessing. Can you post both your matlab and AVR code? BigDog
i'm thinking of doing a project based on online character recognition. my idea is to use a touchscreen/touchpad, a processor/microcontroller and use neural networks to identify the characters. i dont know embedded c, so will it be possible to use the neural networks tool in matlab or write matlab code and (...)
You can make a object tracking (can be special colored object )or sound tracking system by using matlab and microcontroller.
I want to read data from my microcontroller whenever data is received otherwise matlab should not be busy. It should trigger a callback when there are bytes available so i can check what data is received I cannot understand how to write the code for this!!!!! although lot of mathworks help is available bt i cant (...)
Lab view and matlab are good choices ---------- Post added at 13:44 ---------- Previous post was at 13:37 ---------- But data transfer rate is an important issue ,RS 232 Doesn't have high speed... So Actual realtime plotting may be a challenging factor
can ny one help me wid the assembly code of controlling geared stepper motor with 8951
Hi, can anybody tell me how could i use PID controller block of matlab?? I mean to ask do i need any kit to run this block? and PID code could be generated via matlab? I need help asp..
Hi all, As a part of a larger project, I have to read analog data through ADC 0809, send the data to 8051 microcontroller and then to PC(matlab) serially. Everythings fine wen I am using the evaluation board in our lab...but the ADC n this board has only 1 channel available and i need I am using a separate ADC.....but (...)
what about acquiring signals from a ADC processing them with an FFT and other algorithms and displaying the results. You could compare the facilities of matlab and Octave and see if the results are the same. If you have a dsPIC or similar microcontroller board you could process the data (...)
hiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone i ned to detect color using matlab or in any other way as i m doing a project which will be having a hardware which will change color according to the surrounding color soo i need to detect color of the environment and then interface it with my microcontroller hardware plzzzzzz do help me on color detection (...)