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I'm sure you can find something in matlab/Octave/Scilab. Had you already searched on the web by "polar plot radiation pattern" or in the Mathworks website ?
hi, I want to plot the diffracted field by a PEC wedge. I posted the equation and the main plot and my code's figure in an Image. and this is my matlab code,but I receive this error: Warning: Imaginary parts of complex X and/or Y arguments ignored > In polar (line 192) In (...)
hi i have the same problem is it possible to shre your matlab code? i want to plot farfield result wich i get from cst (i have numbers in db for each theta ) i just use polar (theta,farfield) comment but my 0 position and 90 ,.. arent same as a farfield plot .what should i do?
Hi; I ve to convert this double integral from Cartesian to polar coordinates \iintf(x,y)dxdy -amatlab code) Thanks
Hi anybody please help Raster scanning of radar in matlab is possible or not?If possible hoe to plot 3D polar plot for azimuth and elevation scanning? please help me
Hi, I got lot of data in polar form and want to processing by creating a formula/program in matlab. Can anyone give me some advice.I am starter of matlab. For example , F(x) = / S11 and i have lot of data of S11 ,S22 ,S12 in polar form S11 Magnitude Phase f=0.91GHz (...)
I was messing around with this a few years ago, and found a package that someone had created to plot log/dB scale on a polar chart in matlab. I don't recall which package I used, but there are bound to be many out there, and Google agrees. Start here:
give me the code in matlab how?? thanks
you can use polar plot available in excel/matlab or if your simulation software imports txt file you can use that too!
check these Systems Biophysics - Research - Gabor Filter
I want matlab codes in 2D and 3D on antenas..for e.g yagi-uda and that for dolph chebyshev arrays..I want the polar plot and their magnitude plot..All i've got to do is optimise the patterns..thnx in adv.
I want to interface matlab (GUI) with AT89S51 uC to control the direction and angle of a bi-polar stepper motor. How should I proceed? The questions that I have in my mind include: 1. Can I send the no. of steps first in one byte of data, then another byte of data containing the direction data (CW or CCW)? How can I do this? 2. How should (...)
hey can anyone help me please iam doing a matlab assginment about antenna arrays and what i wrote so far is N=8; t=-2*pi:0.001:2*pi; l=1; d=l/2; b=2*pi/l; Y=b*d*cos(t); A=(sin(N*(Y/2))./(N*sin(Y/2))); plot(t,A); polar(t,A); and it works but i need some one who can help me in 3D part i cant find it so please (...)
Hello, I have some measurement results of an antenna saved in a text file. There are 6 columns of data (1.theta angle, 2.phi angle, 3.module and 4.phase-for copolar component; and 5.module and 6.phase-for crosspolar component) What I want to do is plot the radiation diagrams for the (...)
Hi every body, I am trying to simulate complicated curve at HFSS, anybody can help me plz? I draw it in matlab, but i can not draw it in HFSS, it,s in polar cordinate, thanks thanks
Search matlab help for "plot", "polar", "mesh", and "surf", and you will find good examples. Here's a simple example of subplots, and a few other adjustments: x = 0:30:360; y = ; subplot(1,2,1); plot(x,y); grid on; set(gca,'XTick',0:30:360'); xlim(); subplot(1,2,2); polar(x*pi/180,y); (...)
Hi, I'm trying to plot 3d polar antenna pattern with matlab, but it doesn't work. The most I can do is to convert data to rectangular coordinates and then use mesh or surf. Obviously it's not the same. Does anybody know how can I do it (commercial software or private code)? thanks a lot Grendhell
please i need help in matlab i have data in cylindercal coordinates and i want to plot it I have ER and EQ and EZ (electric field in cylindercal coordinates) and i want to plot the total electric field with R and Q (transvers coordinates in cylindercal coordinates) i need acode (...)
hi use root locus plot (rlocus in matlab) and analyse the stability.