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Hi everyone, I'm a student and i start to learn matlab using for digital communication . please suggest to me the best book i can use to learn matlab. Thank you !
Google for this book Antenna and EM Modeling with matlab-SergeyN.Makarov.pdf best Regards
practical image and video processing using matlab by B.L.GANJU
Digital Image Processing Using matlab by Gonzalez, Woods, & Eddins. is one of the best book according to my experience.
matlab/Simulink provides one of the best simulation platforms for the study, development and design of DSP systems. Analyze signals, develop algorithms, and design DSP systems Signal Processing for Research and Data Expl
hai, any body can u plz suggest the best book regarding the histograms.
Check the CD that comes with Balanis text book antenna has all the matlab simulations of the most figures and programs in the text book best regards S.Mohammed.
To just refresh your memory, it is hard to beat Schaum's outline on feedback and control systems! Also agree, it is hard to knock a classic like Kuo! If you have access to matlab or mathcad, you can fool around with the control systems libraries.
Hi jayaprakash2020, can you explain in more detail what you mean with "cancer detection"? If you want to start with FDTD a very nice book is from D.M. Sullivan: 'Electromagnetic Simulation using the FDTD Method', 2000. Inside the book you find some very simple matlab Code for 2d calculations. best: Ricy
actually, this book is the best. but it is not widely known. High-Power Converters and AC Drives by Bin Wu written by the guy who teaches it to grad students everyday and also used in practice. good fundamental discussion, simulation with matlab/simulink and application to multilevel inverters. Mr.Cool
hye.. i have some problem.. i dont know how to simulink gps tracking using matlab simulink.. can somebody help me..??:(
Hi, In addition to those books you might try the following website for examples of FDTD code . Also go to matlab central ( ) and type "fdtd" into the search box. You will find a number of matlab m files for implementing the method in 1, 2 and
Hi, I need to interpolate in matlab non-uniform samples of data through six-points cubic interpolation. As the one in matlab uses four points scheme, I am forced to write one for my own. Could someone point me out a paper or book chapter which deals with such a case? At best, I would really appreciate if someone could (...)
i want to design fractal antenna too.. i want to use matlab with the functions of rwg (em matlab prgramming book) does anybody know if that programme calculates fringing fields or not? is there any other programme which can i integrate with matlab? i want to optimize antenna gain with matlab programmes.. (...)
start with book like Lyons. Implement lot of matlab/octave code. get clear of the concepts
Hi Code associated with the book Antennas & EM Modeling with matlab is attached. The implementations are based on Method of Moments using RWG basis functions. To understand the code, one may need the text book, which can be downloaded from best Regards Jithesh
This is the code that Jithesh said. It was written in FORTRAN, but you can easily change it in to matlab code. I hope it can help. Regards Mohsen
Hi emresrt I suggest you look at the book by title "Antenna and EM modeling with matlab" by sergey N. makarov I hope it'll be helpfull
please refer matlab help as much as you can
Digital Signal Processing Using matlab , buy this book and instal matlab and practice with the examples it is one of the best thing to learn i think u can download it from our download section u can download m files from here
Theorically in book, bipolar data gives the best result, especially for these easy application like XOR problem. Anyway, I found that is not always true, especially when the problem is complicated. Not every activation function can train the network. In your question, you said that using matlab NN toolbox can get the result, then when you (...)
hi system level simulation by using matlab is the best way to start. By simulate the transfer function, you get feel how PLL work.
I have been using matlab for several years and my experience is that you do not need to buy any matlab book at all. The best learning material is examples. Check this out! In case you are not sure somethin
Hi, I get very challenging question that I have to plot using matlab the single-user channel capacity with rayleigh fading how can I do this for range between 0-30 dB average SNR.The plot is found in Wireless Communications P.114,115.I did all my best ,but there was not any matchs between my results and the book's. How can I chose the (...)
Hi all, I am new to this site.I want to learn DSP. The main thing I wanted to know is, for what purposes matlab and Simulink are used? As a beginner, how should i proceed to learn using DSP for Audio/Video processing? Thanks, sureshk
Basics.Of.matlab.And.Beyond is quite good
The Sullivan book is a great place to start with. The C code included inside are easily converted to matlab script. But be careful, the codes provided has some error in it and one more thing, array indexing in C starts from 0 but in matlab scripts, it starts from 1. All the best.
Hi Boomerang, here is the matlab code from the book from A. Taflove 2nd Ed. 2000 For the first steps with FDTD I suggest the book from D. Sullivan; there you find also some code examples, that can be easily adapted for matlab. Hope this helps. best: Ricy
Hi all, I am interested in Audio/Speech region. Are Audio/Speech use different algorithm? And can you recommend some book on Audio/Speech (I prefer book with matlab code). Thanks! best regards, Davy
Hi hai chau, please refer to this textbook The book contains matlab functions which can be used to simulate fading channels. best
Hi, here is the matlab code from A. Tafloves book (2ed edition); it are 3 examples for 1d, 2d and 3d FDTD. best: ricy
Hi the best way is to read matlab help. see the matlab entries for commands: "butter" that u can set it as a LPF . "filter". a glance will guide u through.
"Mastering matlab" and "Mastering SIMULINK" are the recommended books to master it.
Anyone used HVS(human visual model) to evaluate the color image quality? Does it good? Where can I get the HVS matlab Sources Codes so that I can evaluate my color image processing algorithm?
Hi MK28 For filter design techniques, i used Digital Signal processing using matlab by John Proakis and Vinay K Ingle. You could search around in the forum and see if you can find it.. Also its a good book if u need to just learn matlab as well all the best abhi
You can use the help files in matlab which is under the category of external interfaces......I think this will help........
hi aze, do you know a.tafloves book 'computional electrodynamics' sec. ed. 2000? there you can find a cd with fdtd code in matlab :-) best: richy Added after 2 minutes: hi aze, do you know a.tafloves book 'computional electrodynamics' sec. ed. 2000? there you can find a cd with fdtd code in matla
Spectral Methods in second link is only the m-files... to get the whole book... go to and then go to userfiles/eirp the whole book is found there in jpg format.. and also a reader accompanying it which will read the pages in order...
little matlab demo of fractional derivative..enjoy N=256; t=pi*/N; f=exp(-(t.^2)/(0.5)); f=f-mean(f); F=fftshift(fft(f)); figure(1);clf;set(gcf,'Renderer','zbuffer'); for n=0:0.1:4 Fn=(j*t).^n .* F; fn=ifft(fftshift(Fn));fn=fn/max(abs(fn));plot(real(fn)); text(20,1.0,sprintf('%0.2f',n)); grid on;axis( [0 2*N -1.