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"showing light to the SUN" That's funny. Thank you, but I am glad to help. I scanned the paper quickly and saw some matlab code. Is not all of the code in this paper? Assuming no, there is a great book and website on this exact topic of MoM for 3D antennas based on RWG edge elements. In fact, I have a link to it from my website. The (...)
I'd like to use the matlab code there.
Hi, i have antenna theory analysis and design for balanis but there is no codes plz anyone have it send to me or put it here for all thanks
Hi, Dear all, Please i need a method of moments (MOM) implementation for the scattering from PEC circular cylinder using electric field integral equation (EFIE) under TE polarization. this problem (12.16) is at balanis (advanced EM) but solved with a code which i can not understand so i need any help for that matter quickly please.
hai plz send me the matlab code for design of microstrip antenna using matlab and radiation pattern of microstrip antenna in matlab............
Check the CD that comes with balanis text book antenna has all the matlab simulations of the most figures and programs in the text book Best regards S.Mohammed.
anyone have matlab code Example 8.3 , 8.4 ? I trying to coding 'Moment method" by matlab. but I could not understand sourcemodeling(delta gap, magnetic frill). help me plz. 2rd solution are no example and matlab code. here is the whole matlab programs package for (...)
It depends on what kind of beamforming networks you are using. Butler matrix? Rotman lens? Added after 1 minutes: By the way, there are available matlab code for antenna array. You can find them from balanis' book.
I'd like to use the matlab code there. Thanks a lot!
Hi, i gave a quick look to balanis and in your matlab files there are few errors. First of all I woul suggest you to avoid to use i as counter for the for cycle coz i is also sqrt(-1). I usually use ii instead of just i. Also sum is a matlab function so u'd better use another name for that variable. Anyway, going back to ur (...)
I have to make a simulation of a simple antenna whatever it is(e.g. dipole antenna) with matlab. Is there any code available in matlab for this? Thank you very much in advance for your help. peter-gr
you refer to link: yhis file is fortran and matlab code. you need to 3.16 point for download.
Are there anybody have a 3D FDTD matlab code with PML ???