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Latent Fingerprint Enhancement via Multi-Scale Patch Based Sparse Representation- need a code in matlab...
I want to make robot that operate according to my voice I know I need to matlab code for voice recognition I want to ask which basic things should I know before to start I think i should've knowledge about digital signal processing but don't know which topic should have read I have read little theory about (...)
Hello All, The code for ask-4 is as follows: N = 8; % The number of bits to send - Frame Length bit_stream = round(rand(1,N)) % Random bit stream A1 = 3; % Amplitude for 0 bit A2 = 5; % Amplitude for 1 bit f = 3; % Frequency of Modulating Signal fs = 100; % Sampling rate t = 0:1/fs:1; % Time (...)
do help with a matlab code for road extraction using mean shift algorithm from satellite image.
my topic is fingerprint recognition by using euclidean distance...but stuck a poblem that how to calculate the euclidean distance in two fingerprint image using in plz help me if anyone have an idea about this topic.
Hi guys I'm currently doing on project regarding speech recognition (on bird songs). I would like to ask what classification can easily done in matlab such as DTW, GMM, HMM, ANN, and so on? (perfer DTW) So far I've gotten the code for framing, windowing, and MFCC of input signal from: Besides that
I wanna ask about matlab code for 3 level DWT for an image.
I beginer in matlab and try huffman encoding from Won Y. Yang for image compression, with little diffrence to code_sequence, function =Huffman_code(p,opt) % Huffman code generator gives a Huffman code matrix h, % average codeword length L & entropy H % (...)
pllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzz any one help me finding matlab code in wsn
can any one help me with genetic algorithm matlab codes for image processing? with examples and usage in simple words? I'm at the beginning point of my academic project. so I think your helps will really useful for me.:???: regards r.k
Hi I would like to ask for some help on using genetic algorithms for a classification problem and how to use genetic algorithms to find optimal neural network architecture and how can I do this in matlab. Thank You
Hello, I have written a matlab code for ask modulation and demodulation. I have taken 1 bit at a time, modulated tat bit, added noise to it and demodulated that bit to recover the original data bit. I need to modify this code for all the bits present in the data sequence.... I have to (...)
hey thanks for the reply but sorry i forgot to specify that i am doing it with matlab coding not in simulink.Can u tell me code for the same.
dear all i ask about how i can do correlation between two image for same object using matlab depend on code not existed function because after understanding this point i will implement it on FPGA wait your reply thanks
how i can Write a matlab code that analyzes a square loop antenna with half-wavelength side and fed at the mid-point of one of the sides. Sinusoidal current distribution is assumed. code Output: Radiation pattern in the loop plane (the XY plane). Radiation pattern in any plane phi=constant The radiation resistance
Hi, U can try at
Hello guys I have been reading on FSK , PSK and ask and have been asked to produce a graph ( attached ) by writing few lines of matlab code.. :| Could any one possibly tell me how to get started on this please? Thanks guys
try to search one by one of the example of coding for each step of wcdma physical layer. and then deploy it according to your style of coding. you can search the example of coding here. the other way is ask to Google or visit some related sites such as MathWorks - matlab and Simulink for Technical Computing , [url=http
U can search it in google or matlab web or in some places else.Try it .
It would be nice if some one laid out the code for Cooley & Tukey FFT algo in matlab or send it to me on my email (yurchec(at)