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Hi all, I have a matlab code that calculate the ber of BPSK modulation over a rayleigh channel I want to apply it to a sensor network ,how do I proceed. matlab code: % Script for computing the ber for BPSK modulation in a % Rayleigh fading channel (...)
Hi, I am looking for matlab code that show the difference between SISO and MIMO with 16 QAM modulation and calculate ber. thanks a lot.
Hi guys, i'm trying to simulate Multi-hop Relay cooperative communication using Quantize-and-forward to find ber vs SNR. The result isn't correct yet, and i'm really confused right now. I really need your help guys. Here's the matlab code i've made (just try to run it on your matlab): (...)
who could help me by sending a matlab code for MIMO OFDM (2*2) with alamouti STBC. Thanks in advance
Hi all I have code for single link (source- destination) using QAM simulation to produce ber curve. however I need to add relay node between source and destination and produce ber curve. can anyone help me with this please here is the code (matlab) M = 16; % Size of (...)
Sample codes by matlab. You can find these from your matlab Help too.
can anyone tell me the matlab code for applying diversity to OFDM and calculating its ber. i have to compare its ber with normal ofdm scheme.The attachment shows the block diagram of it . i will very thankful to anyone who provide me the solution.
Please post matlab code for ber of ofdm with qpsk its urgent thank you in advance
Hey, I am building a model for a transceiver and I am struggling atm with the convolution coding and especially its decoding ! I want to use the following code rates: 1/3; 1/2; 5/8; 3/4; for the first two I use different trellis operators (still standard ones) and since I don't use any noise the ber is obviously 0. (...)
Respected Sir, Can u tell me matlab code for 'ber Vs SNR using companding'. or How can we convert simulink model into matlab code? I have simulink model on the same topic.
Hello Friends. I want to explore matlab in digital communication step by step. I need help in developing basic code for bit error rate and Data rate.Please help me find this. for example i used "pskmod" inbuilt function and passed the modulated data through a awgn noise after that i demodulated using "pskdemod" inbuilt (...)
Looking for a matlab code for ber simulation in wcdma over awgn channel, the code computes ber for a given data rate using qpsk modulation and a pulse shaping filter
hi, i had done plot graph ber cooperative communications with using QAF (Quantize-Amplify and forward) protocol..i use bpsk modulation and 4 level quantization..please tell me how to use qpsk modulation with 16 level quantization..the matlab code as below..actually i dont know this code right or not, so (...)
Hi all, I'm in dire need of the matlab code for ber of ofdm with MRC receiver over rayleigh fading channel for different modulation scheme such as BPSK, QPSK, M-QAM. If u have those, plz send to me: Thank u in advance.
Has anyone generated a rayleigh fading channel where there are two transmitters(T1,T2) and two receivers(R1,R2). The information from T1 is to be sent to R1 and information from T2 is to be sent to R2. What is the effect of interference of T1 over R2 in ber vs SNR? Is there any matlab code (...)
Hiii i am working on a proj n realli need help for gettin ber plots with matlb...i am searching for a code coz i cant use the biterr function as i need therotical n simulated values thanks in advance :D
hi all,I have a matlab code that I found on the net, it is the simulation of a Rayleigh channel, can you help me to send a picture on this channel?? code : % Script for computing the ber for BPSK modulation in a % Rayleigh fading channel clear N = 10^6 ;% number of (...)
vl u pls mail me matlab code for snr Vs ber???
please, help me with matlab code for ber analysis of MIMO-OFDM system .
Is there anyone who can help me by providing the matlab codes for qpsk & bpsk modulation in riccian channel to find the ber vs snr ? Plz , it z too urgent