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I had ignored this post earlier due to the apparently unclear question. Probably the OP wants an easy way to translate some matlab code into Verilog.
my project title is optimization of spectrum allocation in cognitive radio network,if possible provide me with matlab code of spectrum allocation of cognitive radio network using pso
Dear Sir, I am doing thesis in optimization of low pass filter using particle swarm optimization. Desigining and optimization is done in matlab. I have write the matlab code for the simple designing of low pass filter that is available in the attachment. In the 4-5 line (...)
Hi Can anyone help with codes in matlab to read meas ured data to be compared with simulation results using fitness function in genetic algorithm optimization . Fitness function = Σ(Am-Ap)/n Where Am is the measured data ,Ap is the simulated data , n is the number of measured data taken.We now use the Root Mean Square Error (...)
hi everyone. i am a student in india. i need a big and quick favor . i am doing project on CELL optimization. i need a matlab code for creating circular base stations and i have to move them , so that i could find a better location and better coverage to users. i have 20 stationary users. they are immobile. i have to design (...)
hey all, I am implementing a simulated annealing code for optimization and it runs but I want to plot the graph of iterations (totaleval) vs optimized value (eold) the code is below function = tester( input_args ) % Usage: sa_demo % % for the (...)
hi, friends i want to optimization grayscale image using GA in matlab i also using roulette wheel selection i had follow all intruction about GA to my matlab code but it isn't work. could anyone help me, please give me example how selection using roulette wheel, crossover and mutation work in grayscale images. (...)
hello any one help me for multi state system mss matlab code (ushakov technique matlab code) for system reliability wind energy farm and harmony search optimization with this methode mss for optimization of cost and reliability of (...)
Hay everyone, I am currently working on a college assignment, it's about welding optimization using Genetic Algorithm. you see, this GA is a new thing in my department (mechanical engineering), so i was confused how to start. I managed to get a little hint from a locally published books. By following the steps given by the book, I think I manage
here is my code, it is working. i have implemented Boll's 1979 algorithm from matlab into Java. it's working great and i get the same results however i want to use it for Android. and my real-time skills are not good. can someone please help me with optimizing this code. or give me a dire
hai matlab code for genetic algorithm
Hi All, I am new to PSO and I would like to implement this algorithm in my project. I have downloaded several toolbox from the internet and unfortunately not all of them are working fine. I faced problem in utilizing those toolbox. Can anyone here help me? I need the matlab code for PSO algorithm. Thank you very (...)
Hey, I need a matlab program for implementing Plant Growth optimization algorithm. Plz help as soon as possible.
Hi, for any kind of filter design matlab is the best. Even you can use "fdatool" of matlab to design filters. You can get the filter coefficients directly and then can use them anywhere you want. I think but I am not sure that there is option available in matlab to convert C code into (...)
Hi, CAN any1 help me in my project work ...? PID numerical optimization Description: to develop a matlab code for a MIMO control system by numerically optimizing PID controller in the system ... My sir, told me to study Geometric programming ...? So guys any1 , who can help me ouy please ...?
Dear Friends, Hi, May you please send me a matlab code for one optimization sample for Wimax networks and its description? thanks in advance,
You may try this "Particle Swarm optimization Toolbox" also
Hello everyone, I need to develop a code in matlab to do the optimization for a M-Channel paraunitary filter. I have no idea how to do that. I know i can use the optimtool for that, there i would have 2 functions, 1 is the function to be optimized, in my case is "fi=integral |(H^2)| and the second are (...)
Please i need a matlab code for Person-by-Person optimization. i need it to optimize local sensors performance in a WSN. pleaseeeeeeeeeee, i will be gratefull for anyone can help me
hi all do any one have matlab code for getting coupling matrix by optimization thanks for all